London Calling! - LFW, Haul, Touristy Bits..

Our view from our bedroom, in the Travelodge, Covent garden.
 Good evening lovelies! I know this post is well overdue, but as some of you fellow-bloggers may know, that the Blogger photo uploader was acting up for the past 2 weeks; very annoying! I've finally been able to upload my London photos - London Fashion Week, touristy trips, food and what I bought over there. There's a ton of photos, but I thought I'd put them all together in the one post as it's easier to follow. I'd recommend that you watch the vlog video I made below, I recorded daily what I got up to and it'll give you a better idea of the trip as a whole. I've also included my haul video at the bottom of the post, which will go into more detail about what I bought. 
I had an absolute ball over there, it really was a trip to remember! I met some amazing people, and got such a taste of the fashion world - LFW definitely made me feel 100% content about the career path I want to go down. I hope to return to fashion week again next season, fingers crossed..

LFW Day 1- Somerset House busy, busy, busy!
My accessories for the week.
The blog bar at Somerset House, where us bloggers could blog daily - very handy!
Simone Rocha et moi, she was sososo lovely.
Simone Rocha S/S '12.

 Zoe Jordan show:
Celeb spotting! Holly Valance and Jameela Jamil. 
Jameela and myself, I look awful. This was our third attempt at the photo, as Nana forgot to press the button haha. Jameela's assistant was going mad! She was so nice though.
Sunset at Somerset House.

Simone Rocha show:
John Rocha and his wife, over to the left.
Kryolan makeup store, in Covent Garden. 
Jeffrey Campbell love..
Excuse my face! Gem and I - I absolutely adore Gem's blog, she is such a sweetheart!

Mark Fast show (pictures came out terrible!):
Celeb spotting! Marina Diamondis, Nicole Roberts (I think..) and Kanye West to the right. 
Mark Fast and I.. he was so sweet, he said he loved my bow! Life = made. 
My crazy new friend, he was hilarious!
The M.A.C Pro shop, in Soho.
Happy-go-lucky FUNERAL PARLOUR!
National Portrait Gallery.
Trafalgar Square.
The London Eye and Big Ben, in Westminster.
Westminster Abbey (where the recent royal wedding was held)!
The French Bakery.. 
My giant macaroon!
Tower of London aka. my favourite place in the world. NOT when it's rainy though..
A prisoner's engraving.
Read this, I love it.
Pinner Village.
My Aunty's gorgeous dog Angel!
 What I bought...
Dog-tooth 40s style jacket, Zara faux fur coat, two Topshop New Gen tees (Erdem and Gareth Pugh) and H&M faux leather shorts.
M.A.C 'Buff' blush, M.A.C Pro 'Pink Shock' cream colour base, Kyrolan skin-toned eyeliner, Kryolan contour powder and two Kryolan lipsticks (pictured below). 
New glittery heels, lovelovelove them!
Two books and a cute Beefeater nail file. 
Three magazines, of course..

Note: some of the photos are all wonky, and aren't in line with the rest.. I've tried fixing it, but Blogger just won't let me. I'm getting really, really frustrated with this site lately. Does it ever fully work?! :(