Photoshoot - David Mushegain

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Last November, I'm sure you all remember that I had a photoshoot with famous American photographer David Mushegain. He discovered one of the biggest models of the moment, the pink-haired Charlotte Free and has shot everything from ELLE to Vogue covers, and is basically known worldwide for his amazing photographs! When he contacted me through Facebook, to tell me he was in Dublin last year, and would be interested in photographing me, I squealed with delighted. 
What initially turned out to be one day shooting, actually turned out to be a weekend. He photographed me twice, once on my own (photo above) and again with my friends (photos still not published). It was a whirlwind of a weekend, and we were all honored to be hanging out with David - he's such a cool guy, and so down to earth, despite his amazing CV behind him.  
I was featured on The Last Magazine's website last week, where David wrote a nice little piece about me and Ireland. I'm so delighted, and I can't thank him enough for the amazing opportunity. I'm so happy with the photo's outcome, and I'm terribly excited to see the rest in due course. 
The article on The Last Mag's site, about me and David's trip to Dublin.
David and myself.
My friends and I, with David just before he went back to the US.