Outfit & Makeup Of The Day

Hello everyone! Don't you just hate those days, where you pick a nice outfit and your makeup goes on perfectly - only to find it's raining outside!? Insert a 'GRR' here! Well, that happened yesterday. I had plans, but of course the rain and wind decided to pay Dublin a visit, as always. (I heard it's snowing in the UK at the minute though, so I can hardly complain..)
I wore my Fred Perry polo shirt (I bought it yearrrrrs ago), with my vintage Levi shorts and Penneys (Primark) belt. I've worn outfits similar to this before, but thought I'd whip out some of my Summer gear anyways to convince myself the dreadful weather will come to an end soon. 
I wore quite a soft smokey eye, with a light grey (Pistol - NAKED2 palette) on the lid and a turquoise shadow (Nightbird - M.A.C) smudged into the lower lashline. The eyes were quite dramatic, so I wore M.A.C's 'Creme Cup' lipstick, to tone it down. It was a complete waste of makeup however, as I didn't even leave my house. Oh well!
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In other news, I booked my trip to London! I'm flying over with my friend Erica, from the 16th-24th February. We're staying in Covent Garden and are sooo excited. If anyone has any recommendations of shops or events going on, please let me know! (I'd also be interested in going to a blogger meet-up, if there's any going on? I'd be happy to organise one too, so let me know below if you'd like that.)