Outfit & Events of the Day.

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Hello all! Yesterday was such a fantastic day, that I had to share it with you all.. 
I've slipped into a 'black' phase over the last while, where I'm constantly wearing all-black outfits. I adore it to wear, as it looks so chic and flattering. I mix my all-black outfits up, by combining different textures to make them less boring looking (I'm wearing leather, faux fur and sheer here). Yesterday I wore, my new sheer maxi dress from InLoveWithFashion, my Topshop leather jacket, my Nana's vintage faux fur collarette from Italy, my Topshop double-chained necklace and my Office 'Victorian-style' boots. I loved the outfit, it's definitely something I'm going to consider wearing to London Fashion Week (next week, aahhhh)!
I attended a Benefit and Diet Coke event yesterday afternoon, in the Dylan hotel with my friend Conor, which was marvelous! I'll have a huge blog post up in the few days about it. I always love attending events, and meeting my fellow bloggers; they're so much fun.
Afterwards, we wandered into town, as it was still early and we were both in great, enthusiastic moods. After hearing about Topshop's clearance jewellery sale, we popped into the Stephen's Green branch for a look. I bought TONS; €140 worth of jewellery for a TENNER! I was delighted, expect a haul post up this week showing the bits I nabbed. Somehow, we ended up in Christ Church at 8pm, taking spooky polaroid pics and videos. It's one of my favourite places in Dublin, as I'm a sucker for gothic architecture! It was quite spooky last night actually, not only was there a full-moon out, it was absolutely freezing out! I felt I was in a Bram Stoker novel, with Christ Church glaring in the lights. I have to say, I love Dublin at night; our architecture is stunning and I think it looks extra-eery when it's dark and lit-up.
We went for dinner in my current fave restaurant; Havana Tapas Bar on George's St. We ordered a gorgeous plate of bread, tortilla chips and dips, and I ordered some yummy iced-tea (addiction). I love Havana so much, as it's such a relaxed atmosphere, there's free wi-fi and the prices aren't sky-high. I highly recommend it to everyone!
Havana grub, delish!

(I'm having trouble with my photos on Blogger recently, hence why some may be aligned wonky - apologies!)