My Everyday Makeup!

Good morning all! I've been asked quite a few times, how I do my makeup "naturally" or for an "everyday" look. I love wearing makeup, it makes me feel confident and I like how it can transform me - I'd never be able to leave my house without at least foundation and mascara on! This is my "everyday" look, something I'd wear if I was meeting a friend for coffee or if we had visitors. It's a fraction of what I normally wear, and it takes me still around half an hour to apply it (my usual makeup routine takes sometimes over an hour). Personally, I don't mind spending ages on makeup application. I love it, and find it almost therapeutic almost? I find makeup is an escapism for me, like forms of art are for a lot of people. 
I like a full-coverage of makeup on my face, and find that foundation application is the key part of makeup application. If your foundation is applied well, you'll look better instantly! I wear M.A.C's Prep + Prime primer, which has a high sun protection factor of 50. Using a primer makes all the difference; it gives me sun protection for my face, ensures my foundation lasts all day and it also keeps a barrier between my skin and my makeup (great for not clogging up pores). Coverage wise, I use Revlon's ColorStay foundation in 110 Ivory and Collection 2000's Lasting Perfection concealer in the shade Fair. I've never been one to like a dewy look on my face, and I'm huge fan of a matte complexion; I'm currently loving Essence's Fix & Matte Translucent Powder, which I apply all over my face. I've never been a big blusher junkie to be quite honest, I never find myself going out of my way to purchase any; I only own around 6! I use M.A.C's Pink Swoon blush more-or-less daily, it suits most of my makeup looks and applies really well onto my skin. I'm obsessed with Benefit's High Beam highlighter, and I cannot leave the house without wearing some these days! I apply it on my brow-bones and upper cheekbones, to give me a healthy glow.
I like a bright, wide-awake look for everyday wear on my eyes - I use Essence's liquid eyeliner to define my eyes. I just can't seem to step away from it, I feel more like myself with it on. I do smudge black eyeshadow into my lashes sometimes though, instead of the eyeliner if I'm feeling really lazy! All over the lid I wear 'Bootycall' and 'Verve', from the Urban Decay NAKED2 palette, and I blend some of 'Pistol' into the crease, for some definition. To brighten up my eyes even further, and give me a more 'wide awake' look, I apply my favourite ELF Eye brightener pencil onto my waterline. I love big lashes, regardless of what look I'm going for. Clinique's High Impact mascara is my current fave, and this little travel sized version has lasted me ages. Eyebrow wise, I never bother filling them in with a pencil for an everyday look. I apply M.A.C's Brun eyeshadow for filling them in and adding some shape and definition, with an angled brush. 
I never bother with bright lipsticks for an everyday look, so I usually wear M.A.C's Creme Cup or Angel lipsticks, both gorgeous and creamy nude pink shades. If I'm not feeling up for wearing a lipstick, I apply my favourite Burt's Bees lipbalm onto my lips. It's an absolute gem of a lipbalm; it tastes great and is the only thing protecting my lips from getting chapped during this freezing weather.

This may seem like a lot of makeup to some people, for an everyday look - but it's what makes me feel confident and ready for the day. It's quite a toned-down version of my usual pin-up look I suppose, and I do like wearing it a few times a week.  

What products do you use for an everyday look?