Mini Beauty Haul & Nails Of The Day!

The other day, I ventured into town in desperate need of some new foundation. I'd just finished my bottle of Revlon ColourStay, and I swore to buy it again. I finished up the Oily/Combination bottle, but decided to pick up two Normal/Dry bottles this time. The Winter has sucked the life out of my skin lately, and it needs some extra moisture throughout the day. It's obviously that bit more dewy looking, in comparison to the O/C bottle, but colour and coverage wise - it's the same! I love it.
I bought two bottles of it in the amazing new discount beauty store Cosmetique, in George's Street Arcade. They're usually around €18 in Boots, but Cosmetique had them even further reduced, at an amazing €9.99 each - so I bought two!
Whilst in Cosmetique, these two W7 nail polishes caught my eye, both at €2.99 each. A stunning luminous pink (48 Pink) and 'typical Leanne' shade - turquoise (1 Envy)! I adore them, I've been wearing them constantly since I bought them. The shops had shelves upon shelves full of the nail polishes, every colour you could imagine.
Cosmetique have a Facebook page (click here) and I told the shop assistant I'd give it a wee shout-out on my blog, so please go and 'like' it - say I sent you! The shop sells a ton of brands, such as Revlon, Calvin Klein, Roc, W7, Revlon, Directions hair colour and more, all at discounted prices. Amazing!
I popped into the pharmacy on George's Street also, for a new Burt's Bees lipbalm. My other one is running out, so I needed a replacement asap. I picked up the 'Mango' scented one, and I think I prefer the scent of my other tube - the original, menthol scent. Still, it's lovely and moisturising!