Glossy Box - Valentine's Day Edition

Good morning lovelies! Happy Valentine' Day, I thought this post was well suited for today - my review on Glossy Box's 'Pretty In Pink: Valentine's Day Edition' box. I was half-pleased with the box, but I've definitely received better in the past. Initially, I was in awe over the cute pink box itself and  its Valentine's-inspired wrapping, but when I saw 3/5 products in the box were body products, I was a tad disappointed. I think Glossy Box sometimes overdoes it on the body products (shower gels, lotions, shampoos etc). I feel most of us prefer to receive makeup in beauty boxes, in comparison to a ton of body products. Whilst I do enjoy receiving one or two in a box, I sometimes find I barely use them and they're tucked away in a drawer. I wish Glossy Box, and other beauty box companies had some sort of a questionnaire on their sites, where you could let them know your hair type/skin type/skin tone. If I receive products that aren't suited to my type of hair/skin, I can hardly use them! 
The three body products I received in the box are a Davines Moisturizing Balm, a Davines Cleansing Nectar shampoo and a Fab Body Wash. I was quite happy with the Davines balm, as it came in a generous 150ml tube and it sounds interesting to use. I was also pleased with the shampoo and body wash this month, but solely because I'm going to London this week and am in need of some travel-sized products. Once I use them, I'll let you all know how I get on.
I received two makeup products in this box, an Eyeko eyeliner and a Murad primer. I was delighted with the eyeliner at first, as I adore Eyeko products but the pale pink shade didn't even show up on my skin - at all! I tried using it as an eye brightener on my eye's waterline, but it just made my eyes look red as it's a pink-toned shade. I was even more disappointed with the primer; it was coloured! Usually primers are colourless, which suit all skin tones. This primer however was a tan colour, and made me look like an oompa-loompa. Very disappointing. 
Glossy Box added a little sweet into the box, which I thought was a cute little extra. Unfortunately the contents of the box didn't wow me, but every box I receive won't please me 100%. I've received amazing Glossy Box's in the past, so I still highly recommend the service regardless. Who doesn't love receiving a box full of goodies in their postbox every month?

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