Carmine Beauty Box - January 2012

 There's nothing I love more, than receiving post; a parcel being delivered to me, regardless of what it is, is so exciting! I adore receiving a Glossy Box and Carmine box each month, full of fabulous beauty products for me to try out and test for you all. Since receiving my first two Carmine boxes last year, I'm totally in love with the company - I love it as much as Glossy Box! I've found myself using the products I've received, constantly, and I always find Carmine extremely generous with the sizes of products given.
This month's box was fantastic, of course! I received a Korress Wild Rose moisturising cream sample, Eldora false eyelashes, Balance Me Radiance face oil, Westlab Himalayan bath salts and an Eyeko Fat Eye Stick.
I was delighted with the Eyeko Fat Eye Stick the most to be honest, as I adore Eyeko as a brand and own many products of theirs. The shade of the stick I received is 'Satin Taupe', and it's absolutely stunning! I know I'll get such good use out of it, as an eyeshadow base or on its own; I'm delighted!
I never shower, as many of you know, only bathe; I've never enjoyed showers, and have always found baths to be my preferred choice of cleaning. Naturally, I can't wait to try out the Westlab bath salts, which claim to be the equivalent to a 3 day detox, if you soak in the salts for 30 mins - how interesting is that?! I'm definitely going to review these when I use them, but I'll wait until I feel I need to first. 
I'll try out the Korres moisturiser and Balance Me face oil, but I don't see myself really latching on to them. The Eldora eyelashes look gorgeous, but I personally never wear false lashes, so I might keep them for a future giveaway or something.

I was thoroughly impressed with this Carmine box, and I highly recommend you guys check them out. I personally love trying out new products, and especially products from lesser-known brands!

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