Nails Of The Day - Ocean Glitter

 My first Nails of the Day post of 2012, hurrah! I promise to post these at least once a week, because I've grown a huge fascination of people's nail polish choices and nail art recently. Today I'm wearing mermaid/oceanic inspired nails. I used two glittery nail polishes, one blue and one turquoise. Both had different sized glitter flecks in them, so my nails were ultra sparkly with both of them applied. I applied two coats of Essence's 'Blue Addicted' at first on to my nails, and then another coat of 'Choose Me!' on top. I adore Essence nail polishes, as we all know. They're an amazing €1.29 each, and come in a huuuuge array of colours. They last me around 2 days (which is good enough for me) and take longer to chip, than my Chanel ones.
Essence nail polishes - €1.29 each

What nail polish are you wearing today?