Nails Of The Day - Barry M's 'Mint Green'

 Afternoon all! I'm writing this quick little post for you all, with trembling hands. I'm seeing my beloved One Direction tonight in concert, and I am BEYOND excited! I've adored them since their auditions, and yeah, their album is amazing. (I'm also inevitably in love with Harry Styles). I've gone into complete fangirl mode and I am determined to meet them... or at least one of them (Harry, please). If you're there tonight, and see me; do say hi. I'm going to try and get photos for you all, and maybe do a blog post reviewing the concert (comment if you want me to)!
I wore this fab nail polish yesterday, one of my current faves - Barry M's 'Mint Green'. The colour is stunning, pastel and perfect for Spring! 
I love Barry M polishes, but unfortunately the formula of this polish is quite watery. I needed 3 coats for it to become opaque. It is quite a stress, but I love the colour too much to just ditch it altogether. I wore Sally Hansen's 'Insta-Dry' on top as always, it speeds up nail drying like nothing I've ever used before.

What nail polish are you wearing today?


  1. The essence nail art drops are also really good for drying nails :)

  2. I have this but the consistency annoys me so much I never use it!

  3. Such a pretty colour! Kinda puts me off though that it took three coats and it's not really a solid colour though...pastels are always like that :(

  4. I have this colour along with the pink and lilac pastels from Barry M, but I never wear the mint one, I never seem to wear anything that goes with it! x


  5. gorgeous, all mine currenbtly are red, beiges and sparkly, need some ice cream shades. x

  6. oh your so lucky i tried to get tickets but i did'nt :-( i am also in love with harry styles! please do a review

  7. deff do a review of a concert! have a fab time :)

  8. Love the colour! It's perfect :) xxx

  9. I have this, its fab! It love wearing it when I have my camel coloured coat on, clashing colours ftw :) x

  10. love this color, and i´m wearing coral pink nailpolish now :)

  11. the perfect colour for spring :)

  12. I love Mint Green from Barry M. Its one of my favourite nail polishes ever..compared to the other greens on the market like Jade by Chanel, Jaded by Rococo and Essie Mint Candy Apple which all cost a bomb, Barry M is so affordable and actually a nicer shade!

    Orla xox

  13. i also have this colour and i agree with you on that its very watery! i avoid using it now because of that reason.. :P

  14. green is an obsession have a million shades of green nail polish and this is a beautiful shade i must add to my collection!
    and a post about one direction would be fantastic!
    like u im an unlikely fangirl whos loved them from the very begging
    a personal Niall fan :)
    any way i just discovered ur blog today and im in love! you seem to have vary similar style to mine and i litterally cannot stop reading this!


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