My Dublin Ghostbus Tour Experience (+ Orb Photos)

Last night, myself, my Nana and my cousin Ellie went on the Dublin Ghostbus tour. We've be planning to go on it for years, literally years! We're all really into the supernatural in our family, and this tour sounded right up our street. It's basically a bus tour, bringing you around Dublin city's most haunted areas and spots. You're brought on to a spookily-decorated bus and are given a theatrical experience with a fantastic commentator (ours was Nick). The bus is blacked out, has sounded effects.. the whole shabang! You drive to all the different haunted locations, with each having its own spooky tale. You get off this bus twice for an outdoor spooky tour; once at St. Kevin's graveyard and also at the gateway to 'Hell'/the haunted steps.
It's €28 per adult to go on the tour, but if you book online you get 20% off - that's what we did! You also have to be 14 or over to go on it, and I fully agree with this. Some of the stories can be quite descriptive and gruesome, so anyone younger than 14 might find it too scary and distressing. The tour is 2 hours long, and you can either go on it at 7pm or 9.30pm Friday - Sunday, or at 8pm Monday - Thursday. I highly recommend going on it while it's Winter, the evenings are extra dark and it definitely adds to the atmosphere! I'd also recommend booking your tickets in advance, as our bus was completely full.
All wrapped up warm! Ellie, myself and Nana.
We stopped at Bram Stoker's old apartment, the Royal College of Physicians, the Shelbourne Hotel and toured inside St.Kevin's graveyard and church ruins and the haunted steps at "Hell". We were told absolutely amazing ghost stories; one in particular stood out for me about a haunted room (room 526) in the famous Shelbourne Hotel. A famous psychic Sybil Leek, said it was the most moving experience of her life investigating the room! (I won't give away any of the main details of the stories, as I don't want to spoilt them for anyone). All of the stories told, are about real people and have historical reference to back them up.
Ellie participating in a body-snatching example, haha!
We were also told about temporary paralysis during the 18th century, where people would be pronounced dead and would end up waking up buried 6 feet under in their coffin (one of my biggest fears!). To prevent this from happening, gravediggers would tie a string to a "corpse's" finger, which was attached to a bell on the top of the grave. If it rang; you were dug up (hopefully)! This is where the term "saved by the bell" comes from! People would then call someone who they thought was dead, but ended up walking the streets again a "dead ringer", another popular phrase still used today. I was so baffled by this, I'm always fascinated with sayings and their origins.
Overall, the tour was absolutely fantastic and worth every penney! Our commentator Nick was incredible, he really completed the tour and added a dramatic and atmospherical touch to the experience. The 2 hours didn't fly by at all, and we definitely saw and heard a ton of things, for that short space of time. It was such a unique experience, I'd highly recommend it to anyone visiting Dublin, or just to any Dub who's interested in the supernatural.
Myself and my cousin Ellie took many photos during the tour, and we spotted a ton of orbs in them. Orbs are balls of light, that are said to be the energies of spirits, that show up sometimes on cameras/on film. All of the orb photos below haven't been edited, only cropped and zoomed in, and were taken using only a normal digital camera. I think they're quite spooky, what do you guys think? I have the original photos, with the zoomed up shots beneath them (spot the orbs)!

St.Kevin's church ruins - this is a photo I took by mistake, looking down on to the ground. The orb appears in the bottom right hand corner.

 St.Kevin's graveyard. The orb is quite faint, and is to the bottom right of the tree.

 Looking into St.Kevin's graveyard from the outside, two orbs appear to the right of the monument.

 The gates to 'Hell', where the Green Lady apparition has been spotted several times. An orb appears near the bottom of the steps.

 The top of the haunted steps, an orb appears on the bottom right-hand side.

 Another photo taken by mistake at the haunted steps, you can see the Four Courts in the background. 3 very visible orbs appear to the right side of the tree.

(These are all of my photos, Ellie will be sending me hers during the week - keep an eye out for them!)

For more info, click here!


  1. Wow that looks really good, would love to go on it but they dont really have any things like that in bristol:L but the pictures you took came out really good (the orbs) i went to a grave yard before and took a picture, it had an orb in it (i didnt know that at the time) how cool! :Dxx

  2. I love hearing where phrases come from! Its so interesting! Looks like a really good tour. I've seen the bus in town a few times. I think I'd get too freaked though! x

  3. I am too much of a wuss to go on this! I cry just at screamfest at alton towers, haha! This is such an interesting post though :) xx

  4. This sounds soooo much fun! I love anything paranormal - my parents house is haunted and we have all seen,felt and heard things - i need to see if my local area has anything like this! x

  5. Love this.Gates to hell pic is the spookiest.The origins of saved by the bell...oooh wah ha ha ha haaaaaaa!!!!

  6. Wow this looks awesome, but I think I'd cry like a baby. I even ended up having to leave from an emergency exit once during the Chamber of Horrors in Madame Tussauds because I was freaking out so much, then got a bollocking from the staff for swearing. WAAA!

  7. This sounds amazing! I've done all the ghost walks/vaults tours in Edinburgh, and they're pretty terrifying, of you're ever there definitely check them out! But this sounds really good, if I ever go to Dublin I'd love to go.

  8. I love things like this. It sounds a bit pricey but worth it.

  9. Delighted to read this post, have been talking bout doing this with the other half for aaaaaaages! Sounds fab xo

  10. I've always wanted to go on the ghost bus tour-I definitely will now with your recommendation! Thanks!


  11. I went on this a few years ago with a group of friends and thought it was really good! It was pretty scary though, but I'm quite easily freaked out so maybe that was just me!

  12. That's awesome! So the orbs are like dead people?


  13. This looks a lot of fun I gotta say!


  14. My dog died last year and ever since there has been orbs around the house. Pretty cool ones aswell. If your interested I could show you some. One of them Im convinced I can see him in the orb. I love all things supernatural.

  15. I'm a big believer in the paranormal but I dont take interest in orb pictures mostly because theres a big chance that its dust in the air and the flash just reflects off of that but other than that, that looks like a cool tour! :D


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