Mini Elf Haul

 Good evening everyone! Last week, I picked up a few bits on the Elf website while they were having their  Christmas sale. You all know I'm a huge Elf fan, so with just €14 - I bought 5 fabulous items! You can only buy Elf makeup online (although some stores in the US do stock it). They're an absolutely fantastic makeup brand, and all of their products are inexpensive.
I bought a 48pc 'Beauty Book' eyeshadow palette (which I'm giving away), 3 lipsticks (I adore Elf lipsticks, and will be doing a big review on all of mine soon) and a nail polish. Most of the items I bought, were on sale - but as I said, it all cost me under €14 so nothing set me back! 
I'm delighted with all of my purchases, and have been wearing the 'Charming' lippy and 'Cranberry' nail polish since I got them!
Elf lipsticks - simple packaging, no fuss!
Lipsticks: Fantasy, Charming and Sociable.
Nail polish: Cranberry
Did you pick up anything in the Elf sale?