Mini Asos haul

 More Asos items Leanne?! Yes, yes, yes. I am addicted, it's true. I find myself buying at least something off of Asos, weekly. I think it's officially taken over from Topshop, as being my favourite go-to shop for clothes. With Asos you're buying bang on trend items, for great prices and not everyone will have them (a major plus). The sale is still continuing on the site as far as I know, so when they were offering an additional 10% off, on top of the 70% off on items last week, I bought a few bits'n'bobs!
I picked up a faux fur turquoise collar, and two pairs of faux fur cuffs (pictured above). The cuffs are so gorgeous, and you wear them on the bottom of your sleeves at the cuffs, obviously. They'll add an edge to my jackets, and are very kawaii - as you all know Japanese street style is one of my biggest influences, and I think these are really Harajuku-esque.
I bought the most boring wool cardigan in existence also, a plain black one with brown buttons. I don't plan on wearing this out much, as it'll probably be my indoor cardigan. It was around €25 on sale, and is very cosy for cold nights. It is quite long however, and as I'm only 5"2, it ends just above my knees - quite an unattractive length! I also picked up this gorgeous tartan cape for €10, I had my eye on it for ages and nearly died when I saw it in the sale. 
Did you buy anything off of Asos, during the sales?

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