Saturday, January 21, 2012

Makeup & Outfit of the Night!

 Happy Saturday m'dears, there's nowt better than a fresh, new weekend to have a ton of fun! I have a lot planned today; I'm doing TWO photoshoots. One with the fab Conor Clinch, and one with the amazing Lesleighanne Murray - I'll post the pics up as soon as they're ready. Exciting stuff. :)
I wore this outfit out on Thursday night. Again, it's influenced by Japanese street style. I wore my new Fleur de Lys earrings, faux fur collar and cuffs, that are all from Asos. I absolutely adore how the collar and cuffs change my outfit completely, and add that little bit extra uniqueness to my leather jacket.
I was going to a club, so I dressed up for that - I wore my American Apparel white crop top and Disco shorts. They're so comfy, and really comfortable to dance in! My scarf is vintage, from Fanci Shmancy.
One of my favourite makeup artists Lisa Eldridge, uploaded a Marilyn Monroe makeup tutorial the other day. I have seen tons of versions, but I can honestly say her's is the best - amazing tips and info! My makeup look was inspired by it, and I'll definitely be trying out some of Marilyn's tricks. (I tweeted Lisa the photo of my makeup look, and she RT'd it and said it was cute - my day was made!)
I wore my new Essence Circus red lip lacquer, over my Eyeko Liptastik red lippy. I have to say, I love it! It isn't gloopy like a lipgloss, and the colours so opaque. I used my usual products for the rest of the look.

What are your plans for the weekend?


  1. Your face is immaculate! This look really suits you especially with those earrings! Great great look!

  2. Girl I love your sense of style! Keep bringing these amazing outfit posts! Mwah xx xx

  3. Absolutley goooogus!....cracking set of pins too x

  4. You look absolutely stunning! Seriously there is absolutely no fault to find. You're make-up is beautiful. And I'm majorly jealous of those legs! :p

  5. I love your makeup! I saw Lisa Eldridge's video and it is amazing. Its like a history lesson and a makeup tutorial in one. I love her videos about vintage makeup too! x

  6. Omg, you look stunning, I love the nod to Japanese street style. Could you do a lolita look sometime?

  7. Your makeup is so flawless! Any tips on a good foundation? I've used drug store and clinique and they always flake! And I use night cream and daily face lotion and nothing stops the flaky look!

  8. Yeah, it would be awesome if you could do a makeup tutorial for this look! What products did you use?


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