Carmine Beauty Box - Review

Last month, I was contacted by Carmine and I was asked if I would like to review one of their beauty boxes. I of course said YES! I've heard so many great things about Carmine from other bloggers, so I was extremely excited about finally receiving a Carmine box! (Carmine now ship to Ireland, I'm sure most of you will be delighted to know.) 
Carmine works in the same way as Glossy Box (a service a ton of you are familiar with - I've posted each month's review on the boxes). You subscribe for around €12/£10 per month, and receive an exciting package on your doorstep each month, filled with beauty goodies - what's not to love?!
Unfortunately a November box was sent out to me twice from Carmine, but both failed to show up at my doorstep - Carmine insisted they had been sent out, and I thoroughly believe them; as to where they ever went, god only knows! 
(My Christmas Glossy Box hasn't showed up either, so I'm not sure as to whether I'll post a review on it, if it ever does arrives, as Christmas will be well over by then.)
I was so happy when my first ever Carmine box arrived this morning, it was the Christmas box and jam-packed full of splendid goodies. Irish postal services are known to be sooo slow during the Christmas period, so I'm in no way surprised of its late arrival.
The contents were packaged beautifully, in a hard cardboard box. I did find the lid quite difficult to pull off initially, but I eventually popped it off with some shaking! Inside my box were 6 gorgeous Christmassy treats: A complimentary eyebrow threading at Benito Brow Bar (I don't think we have one in Dublin, unfortunately!), a Japonesque smudger brush, a Weleda Pomegranate creamy body wash, a KMS California Freeshape quick blow dry serum, a Institut Technology cream and a MyFace Cosmetics Blingtone eyeshadow. It's fair to say, that I'm VERY delighted with all of these!
I am dying to try out the Japonesque brush especially, as I've watched so many makeup tutorials with the girls using this brand of brushes! It feels extremely soft and well made, and I know I'll get brilliant use out of it.
The Weleda Pomegranate shower cream smells divine also, very Christmassy but I'll still use it throughout the year. The packaging of it is really chic also, it'll take pride of place in my shower. The 204g large tube of it was a great surprise, I love receiving full-sized products.
I've used KMS California products before, after receiving a smoothing cream from a Glossy Box a while back. I don't see myself using this Free Shape spray to be quite honest, as it claims to minimise blow drying time up to 50% - my hair dries in under 5 minutes anyway, so maybe I'll give it to a friend. I'm never really immensely excited about receiving hair products from beauty boxes, as it's hard to get a product that suits your particular hair type, and you end up with a ton of unused bottles of products in your room.

Update: I used this about 10 minutes ago, when I was about to dry my hair! The scent of this product is gorgeous, really tropical and unique. Did it make the blow drying process quicker? YES! I am so surprised. My hair usually takes under 5 minutes to dry, but when I sprayed this onto my hair prior to drying it - my whole head was dry within 2 minutes - unbelievable! Great product for us girls when we're in a rush to go out. I'll definitely be using this so..
I love trying out new moisturisers, so I welcome the thought of trying the Institut Technology cream. It claims to give your face an 'instant glow' and provides 'deep moisturisation' - something I need badly this Winter! The 10ml pot you receive of the cream is quite small, but it's definitely a product where a little goes a long way. The scent of the cream is beautifully, very mild with a hint of floral. It also sinks in almost immediately into the skin - ideal for use under makeup!
Update: I've just discovered that the full sized tub of this moisturiser, is a whopping £69 - so I'm actually delighted with the size of the tub I received. I've just applied this on to my face and neck, and it is so gentle on the skin! It sinks in as quick as lightning, and I have to say I'm really, really delighted with this product. A little tub of luxury!
I've used MyFace Cosmetics before, and wasn't really impressed at all. I was extremely surprised however, when I tried out this Blingtone eyeshadow in the shade 'sp"ice"y'. The colour is absolutely stunning, and definitely something I'd wear regularly! It's very opaque and easy to blend - I love it!

Overall, I'm thoroughly impressed with my Carmine box. Is it better than Glossy Box? I'm not sure yet! I feel I need to try out a few more Carmine boxes to come up with a solid answer for you all. All I know is that I've loved the majority of my Glossy Boxes so far, and I really loved this Carmine box!

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