ASOS Christmas Sale Haul

This picture irritates me, as clearly the earrings should of been place in the left-foreground. It is nighttime now however, and it'll have to do! Oh, me and my OCD ways..
 Most of you are aware of my adoration for the website ASOS. I constantly find stunning, fashionable pieces and beauty finds on it, that are hard to find anywhere else. They always have amazing sales throughout the year, so I was terribly excited about their Christmas Sale! Last year, I bought a heap of stuff off of ASOS during the Christmas period too, and this year wasn't any different. I bought only 4 items, but they were 4 items I've had in my 'save for later' section on the website for aaages!
I bought a faux fur leopard-print Cossack hat, a leopard-print rim Summer hat, faux leather trouser braces and Fleur de Lys earrings. (I don't have a seperate picture of the trouser-braces below, as it was impossible to get a decent enough picture of them. It's only bright for a few hours it seems, and to take pictures is a race against time!) Both the Cossack hat and trouser-braces are still on sale, the earrings and Summer hat seem to have been sold-out/taken off of the site, unfortunately!
I'm delighted with all of my purchases, especially the earrings. I had them bookmarked on my computer for months, they are so stunning and very 'me'. I'm not usually a hat person either, but sticking to my 'try new things' New Years resolution, I decided to pick two up. The Cossack hat is ideal for Winter, it is so cosy and it covers all of my head and my ears. The Summer hat is just a tiny bit of a let-down however, as the material feels a tad cheap and cardboard-y. It also only came in 'one size', which is a bit big for my head size! I'll just wear it when it isn't Windy I guess, wishful thinking in this country though..
Leopard-print Cossack hat - was €24.21, down to €12.11.
Fleur de Lys earrings - around €16 (full price).
Leopard-print rim Summer hat - around €24 (full price).
Did you buy anything from the ASOS sale, if so - what did you buy?