♥ Christmas Presents & Sales Haul ♥

Finally, here it is: My Christmas presents and sales haul! I decided to throw both into the one post and video, because I wanted all of my Christmas shizzle to be up before New Years AND it's handier to have it all in the one place. Some of the photos below are blurry/dodgy, please excuse a) dodgy lighting - Ireland think it's nighttime, come about 3pm b) I was in a rush towards the end! I deleted some photos also, as they were so poor - but everything is shown in the video, in much more detail.
My main presents off my Mum and Dad, was money so that's how I got to go sales shopping. I also received One Direction and LIGHTS tickets, which aren't pictured below. I also ordered some items off of Asos, which haven't arrived yet, so I'll post up a seperate haul for them!
I definitely prefer this year's goodies, to last year's - I'm delighted overall. 
(Read last year's presents and sales haul post here!)

Miss Dior Cherie & Jimmy Choo perfumes.
Christina Aguilera 'Royal Desire' perfume and body lotion set.
Victorian Beckham 'Story' perfume and shower cream set.
Breakfast At Tiffany's calendar.
Lady Gaga & Terry Richardson book - a few sneak-peeks of the book below!
Nicky Clarke salon hairdryer.
New pyjamas!
Wish Pearl & Necklace keepsake gift, from my Mum.
Sales Shopping:
(L-R) All from American Apparel: Bodysuit - €46, Faux leather-look dress - €47, Spandex mesh dress (pictured in last photo too) - was €45, got it for €31.50. 
(L-R) Both the Joker t-shirt and Chloe jacket were gifts, but I included them here as it was neater looking - the jacket was also on sale! Joker tee - gift, See By Chloé jacket - gift (was €425, got it for €65 on TheOutnet) and American Apparel cycling shorts - were €40, got them for €28.
I bought both of these crop tops from American Apparel. They had a special offer on; if you bought one of them, you got a second half-price. Unfortunately there was foundation from someone on the neck of my white top, and I already wore my mint top out - so neither are fit to be pictured, haha! They are €25 each, but I got the second one for €12.50.
I bought this Cleopatra ring and dog bangle in Topshop, both were 50% off. The ring was was €19, but I got it for €7.50. The bracelet was €22, but I got it for €11. I also used my student discount, which gave me a further 10% off the items!
I went into Brown Thomas, but could only hack it all for a few minutes and I stayed in M.A.C for a while instead. I stocked up on my favourite primer; M.A.C's Prep + Prime (SPF 50), which is €29 and I bought the famous M.A.C 217 brush, which was €22.50. Neither were on sale, I've never heard of M.A.C having sales..
Nude ballet flats - New Look (€9.99)
Hardback diary - Easons (€5.99).
Faux leather bag, with faux fur pocket on the front - H&M (€39.99).
 I picked up a ton of things again this year, in Lush's 50% off sale. They had all of their Christmas stock and some stock made before November, at half price. I took advantage of this, of course!
Northern Lights giftbox - was €64.95, I got it for €32.48.
It contains: 100g Northern Lights soap, 100g Glogg shower gel, 100g Snow Fairy shower gel, Buffy body butter, Snow Globe soap, Angel's Delight soap, Celebrate lip tint, Dirty toothy tabs, Jilted Elf shower jelly, Australian Igloo sugar scrub, Pow Wow lip scrub and a Each Peach (And Two's A Pear) massage bar. 
I also picked up this adorable tin Gingerbread House, which was €17.50 but I got it for €8.75.
It contains: Candy Mountain bubble bar, Gingerbread House bubble bar, So White bath ballistic and Cinders bath ballistic.
You all know I adore Snow Fairy, so when it comes out for a limited time at Christmas - I stock up! I recently bought a huge 500g bottle of it, but I couldn't resist picking up this 250g bottle also - it was €7.50, but I got it for €3.75.
I'm sooo excited to try out this Magic Wand bubble stick, it smells just like Snow Fairy! You run the star under the tap and it creates a ton of bubbles - it lasts for a good few baths too! It was €6.25, but I got it for €3.12.

I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas, and I wish you all a fantastic New Year! 
I won't post on this until 2012, so this is my last post of 2011 - sob! ;'( 
I wrote a big post last week, on 2011 and the what the New Year means to me, so check that out!


Makeup & Hair Of The Day - Arabic Inspired

Ribbon - off a random giftbox, top - Lazy Oaf.
Today I woke up with the perfect New Years resolution for me, one that I will try my best to stick to; to experiment with my makeup, hair and fashion more. Hair has never been my strong point, and I always find myself not bothered to ever curl it or style it properly - I am determined to make more of an effort next year! With makeup, I'll still wear my pinup looks as usual, but less often. I want to experiment with different looks, and most importantly; experiment with using colour! When it comes to my fashion, it already is quite "out there", but I want to push myself even further.
I thought I may as well get started early with this resolution, and today I opted for a purple Arabic-inspired makeup look, and a ribboned plait hairstyle.
I adore Arabic makeup, and I always thought it'd suit me because of my eye shape. I have big eyes, quite rounded ones, so I can luckily wear a ton of eyeliner without my eyes closing in on me and looking small. I used my new Inglot palette that I received at the meetup a few weeks ago, and I have to say Inglot shadows are brilliant! They're creamy and extremely easy to blend, also the colour payoff is fantastic - I'm very impressed!
I'm wearing my Revlon ColorStay foundation in '110 Ivory', Collection 2000's Lasting Perfection concealer in '1 Fair', Cover Girl loose powder, a bright-pink blush and M.A.C's 'Angel' lipstick on my lips. I applied Benefit's 'High Beam' all over the tops of my cheekbones, and on my cupid's bow - I'll be posting a review of it next week!
I've chosen to go with a lighter brow today. I only used my M.A.C 'Brun' eyeshadow and ELF Eyebrow gel, instead of using them with an eyebrow pencil too. I used Essence liquid liner on my upper lashes, and Essence waterproof gel liner on my waterline and for the point at my inner tear-duct area. I applied a frosty white shadow on my brow bone, and dabbed some Benefit 'High Beam' on top of it, and on my tear-duct areas. I used Urban Decay's 'Super Curling' mascara, on both my top and bottom lashes.

This hairstyle was quite easy to do, and I think it'd be a fun video tutorial for me to do. What do you guys think? Comment below if you want to see a tutorial on the hairstyle!

Apologies if the photos look quite 'rough', I usually soften them to make my skin look a tad bit better. Picnik wouldn't work for me today though, so sorry if it all looks a bit messy. I'm also growing out my eyebrows to be thicker and fuller, so excuse the stray hairs!


Christmas Holiday Vlog

Hello my dears, I hope you are all keeping well! I've been so all over the place this week, eating and sales shopping (it's a tough life), that my blog has slowed down a tad. I do find it acceptable though, as I almost found it a bit weird when some bloggers had their present blog posts up, ON CHRISTMAS DAY?! We all need a well-deserved break, I think..
Anywhoo, I decided to record a big vlog video for you all; as I thoroughly enjoyed recording my meetup vlog a few weeks ago! I recorded videos on Christmas Day, Stephen's Day and yesterday - random ramblings, outfits of the day (with a Nana cameo!) and just random goings-on in town with my pals. 

My Christmas present/sales haul blog post and video, will be up by this weekend - hopefully!


Christmas & Stephen's Day Makeup & Outfits.

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas - madness how it's over already! This is only a 'sneak-peek' of my makeup from Christmas and Stephen's Day, but I thought I may as well post something up. I recorded a vlog throughout the Christmas so that'll be up tomorrow or Wednesday, and my present/sales haul video and post will be up at the end of the week. I'm keeping most of my buys a surprise for you all!
On Christmas, I wore a typical festive makeup look - gold smokey eyes and a deep berry lip. I decided to sweep my hair over to the side for a change also, I'm not sure if I like my full fringe yet! I wore my royal blue Topshop velvet playsuit and leopard-print heels.
 Today (Stephen's Day), I wore a Misfits tee, Forever 21 chain necklace and my disco pants. I was going to wear my new See By Chloé jacket (pictured below) too, but I thought I'd keep it nice and clean for my pics/video. I wore my Versace for H&M scarf to add some colour to the outfit, along with my pin-up makeup. 

Speak to you all soon.. I'm still busy eating Crimbo food, sales shopping and blasting One Direction's album!
Ciao for now, xo.


Merry Christmas!

Hello everyone, sorry I haven't posted in a few days; I've been soo busy! I doubt I'll be on the computer much tomorrow, so I just want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas in advance. I will be definitely Tweeting though, as I'm totally addicted to Twitter - so make sure you follow me! I hope you all have a brilliant day, and get everything you wished for.
I'll be posting a new video and blog post next week, so keep an eye out for those!
Talk soon, xo.



Irish Apfel for M.A.C

I nearly leaped out of my seat in work today, when I heard about Iris Apfel's upcoming line for M.A.C. I wrote a blog post (quite a short one, mind) last Summer on her (read it here), and she is someone I constantly look to for inspiration. She's now an amazing 90 years old, yet her style and creativity is better than ever! 
20 pieces of makeup will feature in the collection, and I've fallen in love already - the lipsticks and eyeshadows are to die for! This is honestly the first M.A.C collection I've been excited about in ages, the only other one being the Venomous Villains collection really. The makeup is quite evidently fashion-forward, and is Iris all-over. The colours are stunning, and I can safely say I'll be saving up and stocking up for this!

The Iris Apfel for M.A.C collection will be hitting stores and online, on January 5th. 

Will you buying any pieces from the line?


Goodbye Chapped Winter Lips!

Every Winter I end up getting cracked and dry lips from the cold weather, here in windy/freezing/rainy/snowy/apocalyptic Ireland. This year I was determined to finally find a way of preventing and curing my sore lips - and I found a way! Finally..
I'm a complete lip-balm junkie, I go through at least 5/6 tubes of it each Winter alone. I was always hearing Tanya Burr from Pixi2woo on Youtube, going on about Burt's Bees beeswax lip-balms, so I decided to pick one up for myself! I had one in a pot years ago, but I didn't find it did anything spectacular to my lips at the time. I was keen on trying out these ones in the tubes though - I picked one up for around €4, in a pharmacy on Georges St. I didn't mind the price, as a quick glance of the ingredients won me over with amazing shizzle included such as coconut oil and rosemary leaf.
I tried it straight away as my lips were in bits. It soothed them straight away, I could feel the moisturisation working and my lips felt instantly protected from the harsh winds and cold. I was in love! 
I wear this daily now, I'm not really bothering to wear lipstick for work, as it's an effort and sometimes too drying for Winter days. I re-apply this balm constantly, even though it lasts for ages on my lips. It smells delicious; minty and refreshing! 
To get rid of the flaky bits of skin on my lips, I use Lush's yummy Bubblegum lip scrub. I bought this last Christmas, and it's still as good as new! It's a pot of pink flavoured sugar granules, used to exfoliate your lips. I apply the granules to my lips, rub it in softly with my fingers and then use an old toothbrush to brush away the dead skin. What's even better, is that this Bubblegum lip scrub is EDIBLE! After you use it to exfoliate, you can simple lick the remaining sugar off of your lips - it tastes delish! I apply my Burt's Bees balm afterwards, to ensure the moisture locks into my lips.
What's your favourite lip balm? 


A New Year.

I received an email last week, from Alison over at more! magazine. She challenged us Blog Boudoir gals to another challenge; this one being a post on what the New Year means to us. I adore writing reflective, personal posts - I find them so intriguing and insightful on other people's blogs.
I suppose I'll begin on reflecting back over 2011. Overall, it wasn't a good year for me, at all. A ton of negatives occurred, which somehow overshadowed all of the positive occurrences. It's a pity, 2010 was quite a dreadful year for me too, to be honest..
School was a huge stress on me earlier this year, not only was my Leaving Certificate coming up, but I was also on the graduation and debs committees, along with being on the student council. I was up to my eyeballs with stress and it honestly didn't go away until after my exams in June. Waiting all Summer for results was also horrible, that permanent dread in your stomach that just doesn't go away!
The biggest blow of the year for me though, was of course being denied a place at the London College of Fashion in March. I'm sure most of you know the story already, but for those of you that don't; I spent all of 2010 attending open days for LCF, unnecessary open days - I just wanted to go to show my determination. I applied for the Fashion Journalism course, and my application was accepted. Out of 750 applicants, only 150 of us were called over for an exam and interview. I flew over in early March with my Nana for the interview, and was a bucket of nerves! Only 75 of us got through after the written exam, so I had made it through every stage so far. Next was the interview, which I thought went well - but it obviously didn't. I was notified a few days after that I didn't get through, through the UCAS site. I only received one word: 'Unsuccessful'. Just that one word. After €1,000 spent on travel, sleepless nights, exams, interviews.. I was told no, with just one little word. I was heartbroken. I couldn't even attend school that day, I cried for hours and hours on end. I literally felt my dreams had been shattered. 
Looking back though, I now realise that everything happens for a reason. Not only was I extremely young in comparison to all of the other applicants, I also lacked 'worldly experience'. I somehow assumed that the minute I turned 18, I'd suddenly become extra-mature and confident, and prance off to London without a look back. How wrong I was! I'm glad I was denied the place now, it was for the better. I made it so far, and I congratulate myself for that. When I apply again in the next few years, at least I'll be older, more mature and wiser and have the experience of previously applying behind me.
2011 also brought a ton of other devastations to me; my exam results (they were good, but not what I had hoped for), cyber abuse getting wayyy too out of hand online and my confidence plummeting to an all time low. 
I do have some positives to throw into this blog post of course, but as I've stated; the negatives were such a big hit to me, they overshadowed anything positive that happened to me this year.
My blog and youtube have become very successful this year, I won a place on more! magazine's Blog Boudoir, I was featured in KISS magazine, I won a ton of comps during the Summer, I turned 18, I finished school, I took part in photo-shoots, I was offered an internship at Thinkhouse and a lot, lot more that I just cannot think of.
2011 was probably the toughest year of my life so far, but 2012 will probably be just as tough.
Next year, I'm undergoing a huge surgery that will take around half a year of healing - hopefully less.  I'm sure most of you know already, but I'm getting both of my jaws repositioned. I have an underbite, which is basically my lower jaw sticking out prominently. It's made me develop a lisp, and some serious confidence issues. It's an orthodontic procedure, but of course there's cosmetic elements too. I've lived with an underbite, and daily abuse because of it, since the age of 13. To say I'm excited about the operation, is an understatement! I am dying to look "normal". I dread the recovery side of it, but I know it'll all be worth it in the end. I don't have a confirmed date for the surgery, but hopefully it'll be around Summer time. Please don't say "Oh, but you don't need it. You're grand the way you are!", it annoys me SO MUCH! If I was grand the way I was, I wouldn't be getting this operation in the first place. I've had such a bad time with my mouth over the years, that everything I'm getting done, is for free. It's easy to say things, without actually stepping inside someone's shoes and realising how they feel. The day I wake up feeling confident again, will be the best day of my life! I haven't felt genuinely good about myself in years.
2012 will be a new beginning for me, and I can't wait to close the 2011 chapter of my life. I want to travel, explore my creative side more, to make this blog and my youtube even bigger and HOPEFULLY move to London around this time, next year. 
I don't have any resolutions really, as I find I never stick to them. All I wish for is to have a happy year, and for my operation to go smoothly and for my recovery to be quick and painless. I also hope the apocalypse doesn't happen.. seriously. December 22nd will be one nerve-wracking day, I'm far too superstitious for my own good! Haha.
This post turned out longer than I expected, and if you read it all - well done! I wish everyone a fabulous new year, it's an amazing feeling; a new start!

Do you have any New Year's resolutions?

Irish Blogger & Vlogger Meet-up - Dublin (17/12/11)

All of us bloggers and vloggers in the Jervis shopping centre, after receiving our Inglot goodie bags!
Yesterday, myself and some other fabulous Irish bloggers and vloggers met up in Dublin. The meet-up was organised by Sarah Kent and Sinead Cady over the last few months, and they couldn't of done a better job with it! We all had a fantastic day, and it was really lovely to meet everyone in person and get to know each other. 
The Irish blogging and vlogging communities are really quite small, so I really believe in meet-ups and all of us becoming friends, getting to know eachother etc. It's a fantastic way to meet people from all over the country, who share the same interests as you! We all agreed to meet-up again in the New Year, in Cork - so I'm totaaaally looking forward to that.
We all met up for lunch in Salamanca on Dame St. For only €10, we received a starter/dessert, a main course and tea/coffee; which was a bargain! It was a gorgeous restaurant, but we found our waiter to be err, quite rude/odd? I ordered a pasta dish, but I asked for it without chicken, as I'm a vegetarian and he rudely commented on it by saying that the "chicken adds the flavour?" The pasta was delicious however, and the vanilla creme brulée went down a treat for dessert. When we got our plates almost grabbed off us by him afterwards, we were not only confused, but a little peed off to be quite honest! Not cool
We then left to head to the Inglot makeup counter, in the Jervis shopping centre. We were each given a goodie bag with an Inglot prezzie and complimentary makeover card inside - I received a duo eyeshadow palette, which I am deliraaa with! Some of the girls received false lashes, eyeshadow creams, lipglosses, nailpolish and more! It was so generous of Inglot to give us them, so a big thank you from all of us.
We all found the hustle and bustle of town a bit much after a while, as everyone was in to get their last minute Christmas shopping in. We decided to scoot off to Dandelion, beside Stephen's Green shopping centre and order some yummy cocktails! I've never been in Dandelion before, and I was quite impressed with it. It's gorgeous inside, really spacious and glamorous looking. All of the cocktails were a fantastic €5, so the majority of us took advantage of that obviously - I ordered a Skittles Martini, and oh wow.. WOW! It tasted exactly like Skittles, it was so yum!
We all then had to say goodbye, and left for our cosy beds at home! Overall, it was such a fun day. We all got on like a house on fire, and it was great seeing people from outside a computer screen.

In Salamanca. I'm doing the biggest "Mom" pose ever, aggh!
My pasta dish, WITHOUT CHICKEN! Haha.
Vanilla creme brulée, delish!
Grafton Street Christmas decorations!
Cocktails in Dandelion; a nice end to a fabulous day!
My Skittles Martini! (And chips with garlic dip, obviously..)
Our last group photo before we travelled home!
I popped into a pharmacy on the way home, and picked up 2 CandyCane candles and the new (bleughh) Essence eyeliner. I plan on doing a big comparison post on the eyeliner, so watch out for that!
My new Inglot eyeshadows, I love them! (If anybody knows the shades of them, please let me know.)

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