Photoshoot - Ruth Guest

Last week, I was modeling for Ruth Guest. Ruth is childhood friend of mine, and has always been glued to her camera. She's currently studying photography in IADT, and asked me to model for a photoshoot. Myself, Ruth and 3 fabulous assistants (Ethan Higgins on hair, Aisling Weldon as the stylist and Zita E Kirk as the assistant), put our heads together and came up with the shoot's concept. It was going to tell the story of a 'Runaway Bride', who eventually becomes a mess due to the loss of a love and making a wrong decision (Ruth explains it much better in the video at the end of the post!). I wore Ruth's Mother's stunning wedding dress, a Beverly Summers vintage gown. I did my own makeup, as usual - I went for a dark, vampy look with copper and black smokey eyes, teamed up with a berry red lip.
It was an extremely fun shoot, shot at Killiney Beach. I bit the bullet and ignored the freezing cold, and pranced around the dress (and wellies!), and even jumped into the sea for the final shots! It was all totally worth it though, as the shots turned out brilliantly. What do you guys think?

Behind the scenes:

Check out Ruth's photography page: click here!


New Lush Goodies!

Recently I was sent some Lush goodies to try and test out for you guys, and of course I was delighted with the results of most of the products! Lush is my all-time favourite beauty brand, I put my trust in all of their products and rarely have had extremely bad reactions to their products.. These products are part of a new range of 16 inventions, celebrating the UK Lush website's re-launch and re-design. 

Massage Bars - Peace (€8.90) and Friends With Benefits (€8.70):
First off, both massage bars are absolutely gorgeous, beneficial to the skin and are lasting ages for me! I prefer 'Friends With Benefits' to 'Peace' however, as it has a citrus chocolate scent to it and I feel the scent lasts longer on my skin throughout the day. 'Peace' has a rich cocoa scent to it, and I recently bought another one for a friend's birthday present (she's a chocoholic!). Both bars are extremely moisturising on the skin and are soothing after a long hot bath.
 Rose Jam bubbleroom (€4.50):
Unfortunately the photo of my bubbleroon has ran away, so apologies for using the site's photo! I was very excited to try this new bubble bar, as I've been a fan of them for ages now. One of my favourite treats, are Laudrée macaroons so when I saw this bubbleroon I ran a bath straight away for myself! It smells unbelievably delicious, very floral and sweet. I used the full bubbleroon for my bath, and it created a ton of bubbles and left a moisturising layer of suds on top of the water. I do think it's a tad expensive however, and I'm not sure I'd spend nearly a fiver for it. The water's colour turned out very orangey in the photo, but it was more of a coral colour. 
 Face Steamers - Moon & Sun steamer tab (€3.15 each):
This was my first time using steamer tabs from Lush, and I've heard such excellent reviews about their toner tabs, that I was dying to try them out! They're very simple to use, you just pop one into a bowl and lean over it covering your head with a towel. The evaporation from the tabs, steams your face and the essential oils (Neroli and Lavender are used in the Moon & Sun tabs), to clean your face and relax your mind. You clean your face after to remove the excess oil and dirt. I used cold water, as it closes your pores and soothes the hot skin. I'll definitely be repurchasing these, as my skin felt so rejuvenated afterwards.
 Latte Lip Tint (€6.50):
I'm a sucker for lip balms, as I constantly use them and am always on the hunt for news ones. I've used Lush lip products before, but I wasn't too impressed with this product to be honest - it just isn't for me! I dislike coffee, and seeing as this lip balm's flavour is coffee, I instantly didn't like the taste. It isn't strong though, as the vanilla powder calms down the coffee scent down but it just wasn't my cup of tea (coffee?) at all. The colour is nice, it leaves a burnt copper/gold tint to the lips, which again isn't for me. I think it'd suit someone with a darker skin tone to me, as I'm extremely pale. It is moisturising, and I do think some people would love this!
Lustre Body Powder (€12.50):
Similarly to the lip tint, I like this product but it just doesn't suit me! It's a gold shimmered body powder, to add a nice sheen to the skin. It smells gorgeous, and does look well on the skin for nighttime, but I do think it'd suit people with darker skin tones to me (It would look really nice over false tan too!) It's scented with 'Lust', one of Lush's Gorilla perfumes, leaving a gorgeous light jasmine scent to the skin. I dislike how it comes in a bottle though, as it's quite awkward to use. A loose powder tub would be much handier. 


Forever 21’s First Birthday In Dublin!

I'm aware this post is nearly a week late, apologies! I'm a busy, busy lady recently as I've said, so please be patient and understand. Last Sunday, was Forever 21's 1st birthday here in Dublin. To celebrate they had a party in-store for their costumers, there were pamper pods, discounts and brilliant DJ sets. I was lucky enough to be invited to DJ for an hour, and I had an absolute blast doing it! It was my first time DJ'ing, and I guarantee you it wasn't my last. It's made me interested in looking into doing a course on it, as I caught on quite quickly to it on Sunday. Some lovely people who read my blog and watch my videos came up to say hi to me, which was very nice and humbling!
I picked up a few bits and bobs myself and met some lovely familiar fashion faces! Overall, I had a fantastic day - once again thank you to Thinkhouse for giving me this great opportunity!
I could totally see myself doing this more often!
Pamper pods!

What I wore!

The best dressed customers and employees!
What I bought!
Cardigan - around €35 & knitted scarf - €12.
Stone ring - around €5.


Versace for H&M Haul & Outfit Of The Day!

I awoke to my phone alarm blaring at me yesterday at 5am, I was rising at such a horrendous time for the  biggest fashion event of the year - in my opinion! Versace for H&M launched yesterday, and as always queuing early for high-street collabs is essential if you want to get the pieces you're after. Myself and a few friends queued at the King St. store in town, and by god was it cold! The complimentary samples of Versace's new perfume 'Yellow Diamond' distracted us from the cold however, as it smells gorrrrgeous. The queuing was worth it 100%, as the collection didn't fail to disappoint. This collab is Versace's "renaissance" as I like to say, it's the rebirth of Versace as it's been hiding in the shadows as a brand, over the last few years. Thanks to people like Lady Gaga, we're now seeing a Versace revival, and I'm loving it!
We were let into the store at around 9.30am, I practically ran down the escalators to the Versace section and screamed when I saw it all! We were allowed 10 minutes in the section, and it was absolute chaos. Luckily for me, the two items I was after were there! The staff were extremely helpful, and didn't let it all get too out of hand (people were practically diving for scarves). I bought the palm tree print leggings in a size 8, for €29.95, which I thought was an amazing price for the quality of them. They're so Malibu Barbie and they remind me of Jeremy Scott's S/S '12 collection. They fit me perfectly, and are extremely comfy. I picked up the stunning hot pink and orange scarf also, it's 100% silk and it cost €29.95. I'll get fantastic wear out of both pieces, I feel very fortunate to have been able get both! I wish I had more money with me, as there were a ton of other things I wanted to buy.
Two negatives though, was that the store didn't stock the men's collection - at all! All of my guy friends were extremely annoyed for obvious reasons, and when it was announced that the men's collection wasn't going to be on sale in the store, half of the queue left. Xposé the night previous, advertised the men's collection and several magazines advertised it as well, which I find really misleading. Not cool! Also, the store only stocked about a third of the whole collection, skipping on some of the main pieces - the studded leather jacket, the leather dress! Not fair.
Aisling O'Loughlin was there with the Tv3 crew for Xposé (Irish fashion show), and she interviewed us for yesterday's show. We were featured on it, and my pale pasty no-makeup face practically glowed out of the tv screen.. embarrassing! To watch the Xposé clip, click here! We were also interviewed by The Daily Mail newspaper, which I still need to check out to see if we're in it today!

My two friends and I were are also featured on WhatSheWears.ie today, how cool is that?!
We met the lovely Anne Marie Boyan who runs the site and she snapped up this fab pic of us above, wearing our new gear! To read the post click here!

Did you buy anything from the collection? What was your favourite item?


Outfit & Makeup Of The Day

I'm still buzzing over my new haircut, I just absolutely love it - it's also saving me time in the mornings, as I don't need to do my eyebrows anymore with the fringe covering them. 
My outfit is incorporating the forever-staying colour blocking trend, mixing quite Spring-inspired colours (pastel blues and yellows) together - I refuse to dress to dress in black everyday, which I mostly also do.. bad habit!
Makeup wise, I wore quite a Daisy Lowe inspired look, eyeliner-smudged eyes with a pale lip. (I'll be putting on a dark red later, to transform the look to nighttime!) I let my hair dry naturally, and only blow-dried my fringe, it's so low-maintenance.

Outfit: DIY Cut Shirt - Topshop (Bought in charity shop for €1), Necklace - Topshop, Skirt - Zara, Tights - Penneys, Cardigan (pictured at the bottom of the post) - Forever 21 and my Boots - Office.

Where did my lips go?!


COS Press Day - Spring/Summer '12 Collection

Last week I attended the ever-so chic COS press day event, where I was able to have a sneak-peak at their Spring/Summer collection for next year. I must say, I've never bought anything from COS myself, but a ton of my female family members love it - it's the best shop for well-made, 'key' items. 
Their Spring/Summer collection showed a younger, retro vibe to me in comparison to some of their previous collections. I spotted a good few items I'll consider buying next year, as their so wearable and gorgeous. 
There was an element of Jackie O in this collection, with 60s-style pastel jackets and tops, but on the other-hand there were architectural-cut boxy tops and dresses. Both completely contrasting with eachother, but they actually worked so well together. It's a stunning Spring/Summer collection, with it's soft colours, floaty materials and feminine touches, but androgyny was thrown into the mix with classic blazers and simplistic flat-wedge sandals.
The press day was held beside the National Concert Hall, in a small warehouse-style building. Their was graffiti style art all over the walls, and I thought it was a really interesting location to hold the event. Gorgeous nibbles were served, and I treated myself to yummy shortbread biscuit and tea.. of course!
I was given a COS goodie bag also, containing the whole Spring/Summer collection book and also a complimentary navy COS purse, which I love!
Favourite item of the collection, I adore these!
Aren't the graffiti-style pictures on the wall so interesting? I loved them!
My COS goodie bag!

 I popped into BT's on the way home, and M.A.C were showcasing their new 'Glitter & Ice' collection, and they had gorgeous ice-skater girls zooming around the shop. I took picture of the collection also, but was told off for it - so apologies for no pics of the makeup itself, but here's a pic of me with one of the ice-skaters - isn't she gorgeous?!


New Haircut & Video!

Today I got my hair cut and styled.. finally! A new look - a new me. I love reinventing myself, and I don't think there's any better way to do it, than getting your hair chopped. 
As I mentioned in my last post, I was modeling for Toni & Guy today, so I received my cut and styling for free (thank god!). Toni & Guy's Manager Director Alan Boyce styled my hair, he is a well-known hairstylist in Ireland and the UK. I was first up to model, it was daunting sitting in a room with 15 people staring at you, but I got used to it eventually. 
Alan was working around Toni & Guy's trends for this year on my hair. I told him he could do whatever he wanted, but just as long as he kept the length! As my hair is quite fine, he added a ton of layers for volume and texture. My full fringe was also pulled all the way to the front from my crown, for extra thickness. I couldn't believe my eyes when the cut was complete. I looked so different, but I loved it! It's bang on trend and I have a ton of new hairstyles I can try out with it. I am over the moon!
I was listening to what Alan was telling the students, as he styled my hair. He was saying the two main styles stylists are asked to create in salons now are; the big, voluminous "Essex" curly hair and then the complete opposite - messy, edgy "Bedhead" hair. He was saying how he worked with tons of designers during London Fashion Week this year, and they were all edging towards the low-maintenance, "I just rolled out of bed" looks - and I can see why! The more elaborate a collection is, the nicer it is to just keep it simple with hair and makeup. Of course, OTT hair works with crazy designs too (McQueen, Galliano etc) but sometimes it is nice to just keep things simple.
I now keep getting told I look like Katy Perry/Daisy Lowe now, but I don't mind - it's a compliment! I'm definitely going to consider doing some makeup tutorials inspired by them in the near future - if you've any preferences of looks they've worn, do share!
I just wanted to thank Toni & Guy Ireland for this great opportunity, I feel like a new woman haha! I'd highly recommend Toni & Guy as a salon, they look after you so well and the salons themselves are so chic! I know some of you may think Toni & Guy are quite expensive, but I'd rather pay the extra 10 quid for being looked after well and knowing my hair will be something unique, something that suits me!

Before and After!
I uploaded a new as promised, just an update and quick outfit of the day - enjoy!



Photoshoot - Conor Clinch

Would you believe it if I told you that these shots were taken by a 15 year old budding photographer? Well, they are! My buddy Conor Clinch is what I like to call a genius. I see a handful of 15/16 year olds these days, that produce work that usually someone a decade their senior would produce, and I 'm completely envious to be honest! When I was 15, all I'd do was attend concerts and 'share the love' on Bebo..
Conor took these shots of me last weekend, and they turned out sooo amazing! I wanted the shots to portray my own personal style, so with the help of Megan O'Connor the stylist, we put together some amazing and edgy outfits that'd stand out in the shots. My personal favourite is the first one, I felt like an ice-skater!
(The makeup and hair were done by me!)

For more information and to see more of Conor's amazing work, check out his page here!

 Jumper - The Harlequin (vintage shop), Red Disco Shorts - American Apparel and Silver Litas - Jeffrey Campbell.
 Spiked choker necklace - Fresh, Black cropped tee - American Apparel and Black sheer maxi skirt - Topshop.
Blue velvet cropped tee - American Apparel, Cross necklace - Topshop and Cathedral leggings - Black Milk Clothing.

All of the shots above have been upload onto my Lookbook, so I'd really appreciate it if you guys gave them a hype and became a fan of me - click here to do so
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