Photoshoot - Emma Singleton

Last weekend I modelled for my friend Emma Singleton, who's a fantastic aspiring photographer. She wants to specialise in tattoos, so she wanted myself and Cain (the male model) for the shoot!
I'm delighted with the pictures overall, and we were soo lucky that it stopped raining during it. It was shot at Killiney Beach, at the abandoned tearooms. 
Hope you guys like them, I've put them all on my Lookbook too, so if you want to give them a hype, please do - click here for my Lookbook!

Check out Emma's photography page: here!

I'm wearing: Leopard-print faux fur jacket - Pull & Bear, Lace top (DIY cut) - Tk Maxx, Black Disco Pants & Shorts - American Apparel, Grey tank top - New Look, Doc Martens - China Blue and my Cross necklace - Topshop.


Huge ELF Cosmetics Haul!

Around 2 weeks ago, Elf cosmetics had their last ever 50% off sale on their UK site. I obviously jumped at the chance to snap up some bargains, and I'm quite delighted with what I picked out! I bought €60 worth of makeup, but of course it only cost me €30 - aaamazing!
I've used Elf makeup before, so I knew what to expect and I was excited to try out a ton of new products. Along with the makeup, I bought 2 large brush holders - 1 for brushes, 1 for my eyeliners, mascaras etc. Elf's tools section is absolutely fantastic, they have everything! If you're a makeup artist and you're looking for mascara wands, sponges etc, check out the tools section asap - everything is so cheap and cheerful!
I was happy with all of my purchases, apart from my Spotlight 'All Over Colour' stick, as it was broken and the 2 'Brightening Eye Colour' palettes had very poor payoff with their eyeshadows. Beggers can't be choosers, I guess..
2 large brush holders
They fit everything into them! Brushes, mascaras, eyeliners, lipliners..
2 lipsticks; Dark red - 'Posh', Nude pink - 'Classy'
Swatches of the lipsticks - gorgeous colours, moisturising and they taste like berry.. mmm!
Lash & Brow Gel, Eyeshadow Primer & Conditioning lipbalm - Vanilla Créme 
Natural Radiance Blusher - 'Coy'
Clarifying Pressed Powder - 'Ivory' 
2 All Over Colour sticks - Pink: Pink Lemonade, Highlight: Spotlight (mine was broken when I opened it unfortunately, the packaging is loose and the actual product began falling out of it - devastated!)
Pink Lemonade & Spotlight 
White Eye Brightener pencil (this is my second one, my first one is nearly gone - it's AMAZING!) & Shimmer Eyeliner pencil - Twinkle Teal 
Twinkle Teal & Eye Brightener
2 Brightening Eye Colour palettes; 'Teal Dream' & 'Butternut'
Teal Dream swatches - horrendous eyeshadows, feck all colour pay-off! 
Butternut swatches - Also weak colour pay-off, quite disappointed! 

I bought the 'Beauty Encyclopedia Sparkle Eyes' palette for a GIVEAWAY! 
When I reach 1,000 followers I'll be giving a ton of bits'n'bobs away - follow my blog on the right-hand side with Google Friend Connect or your Twitter account!

What's your favourite Elf product?

Outfit Of The Day!

Just a quick OOTD for you guys! It's 7am and I am wrrrrecked, college really does drain me!

Leather jacket - Topshop, Khaki shirt - Urban Outfitters, Smiths tee - KaOtIk
Oversized gold chain - Forever 21, Anchor chain - Urban Outfitters
Dunno what pose this is, but it's good enough for 7am...
Scarf (on head) - New Yorker (in Prague)
Wearing mostly Elf makeup!


M.A.C Prep + Prime - Review

I've been on the lookout for a good primer recently, as my Gosh Velvet Touch has just run out! I was willing to pay €20-35 for one, which contained a high SPF and did its job well. I was delighted to pick up this M.A.C 'Prep + Prime' primer for €29, and it came with a high SPF of 50. You get 30ml of product in it, which is the same amount as a foundation so I found it quite reasonable.
I've been wearing it for 2 weeks now, and I absolutely love it! It completely minimises my pores around my T-zone and it fills in fine lines really well. My skin feels hydrated with it on, and my foundation looks more healthy and natural on my skin with the primer under it. The primer itself comes out of the tube white, but it turns transparent as you blend it into your face. You only need 2 pea-sized blobs on your hand, as a little goes a long way.
The packaging is nice and compact, the glitter on the box also stood out to me - anything shiny, I'll have!
There's nothing else to really say about the primer, other than it's fantastic! I'll definitely buy this again, and I recommend it to anyone. I prefer it to my Gosh one definitely, as the high SPF is a big plus - it's reassuring to know my skin is being looked after under all of my makeup!


Milan Fashion Week - Moschino - S/S RTW '12

There's always one collection each season, that takes my breath away. This season it was Moschino - no surprise there! I have such an adoration for anything and everything Moschino, that I know if I was ever to be rich, it'd be my ultimate go-to brand. This season's collection was spectacular, I want to own every single piece of it and wow, just wow..
This collection was a Spanish Bullfighter and Cowboy's lovechild. The embellished matador and fringed Western jackets were enough to make anyone drool, the attention to detail on everything was absolutely stunning. I always think black and gold are always so luxurious and regal looking together, and every piece on this catwalk oozed chicness and an exotic androgynous edge. The pops of red and yellow worked beautifully with the monochrome suits and the 60s patch leather jacket screamed out to me - I must own. I must!
Perfection! It's by far my favourite collection this season.

Key Trend Alert: The Western trend has popped at every fashion week so far, so I predict it'll be HUGE for next Spring/Summer! Stock up on fringed items, cowboy boots and horses (optional..) now! Look for key pieces in the Christmas sales.



London Fashion Week - My Faves!

To attend London Fashion Week has always been the ultimate goal for me, I always drool over each new collection to emerge from the week and I become jealous of each and every attendee! This season however, I wasn't immensely impressed. Only these 4 collections really stood out to me, and my colour-obsession at the mo is quite evident here! House of Holland, Meadham Kirchoff, Topshop Unique and Louise Gray's were all extremely unique and eccentric, they're like Marmite - you'll either hate them or love them! The clashing of prints, colours and textures is just so fabulous and the only thing I'd say a definite 'No!' to wearing, are the reptile accessories at HOH - I loathe reptile print, ew ew ew!

House Of Holland:

Meadham Kirchoff:
Topshop Unique:
Louise Gray:


Outfit Of The Day!

Today's my day off of college, so I'm try to get as much done as possible! I already have 3 assignments due in, so I'll get a start on those, as well as tidying my forever-messy room! I had an interview at The Body Shop today, and it went well - the girls there are so lovely and I wasn't nervous at all. They said they'd let me no if there are any positions available in the future, yay!
I'm still denying to myself the fact that it's coming up to Winter, so I'm still dressing quite Summery!
I'm wearing the new blouse I bought in Penneys yesterday, and I just lovelovelove it!

Blouse - Penneys, Belt - Magazine from years ago, Skirt - Dunnes.
Necklace - Topshop

Eyeshadow - Urban Decay Naked Palette - Sin & Virgin
Mascara - No.7 Lash Adapt (Loving this!)
M.A.C - Viva Glam - Lady Gaga No.1
Fabulous posing as per usual, haha! Blue nails - Essence No.76 'Cool And The Gang' (Best name ever!)

Mini Penneys (Primark) & Fashion Book Haul

I couldn't have been more excited when I received my college booklist! Every book was fashion-related and sounded brilliant, but the prices were enough to put anyone off. I logged on to Amazon however, and bought all 3 of them for half of the price they would be in a shop here - delira! I've flicked through them all, and they look sososo interesting and I'm dying to start reading them.
In total the books cost me around €40, amazing!
I popped into a Penneys near to my college yesterday to see if I could snap up any bargains. I spent €28 in total, and left with 4 gorgeous items, so I'm quite pleased! As I've previously mentioned, Penneys have seriously stepped up their game over the last few months and their current stock is super trendy and gorgeous!
Polka-dot sleeveless shirt - €10
Cropped turquoise jumper - €12
Black gold buckled belt - €3
A Winter must-have! Cosy socks - 3 pack for €3


My Fabulous Debs!

Yesterday was my Debs (same as a prom), and it was absolutely faaantastic! After months and months of planning with the committee, it was amazing to see it all come together. Our year had a blast, and the sore feet and headaches today are completely worth it!
I brought my best friend Aisling as my date, as I didn't want the hassle of finding/bringing a boy and I knew I'd enjoy the night better if I brought her! Our Debs was held in the West Court Hotel, in Drogheda, and it was gorgeous. The club 'Earth' beside it was so brilliant and huge inside, and we danced the absolute night away in there!
I didn't want to wear a typical Debs dress, as they're just not my style at all. I opted for an Anchor 50s style dress, from Vivien of Holloway. The colour is stunning and as I wasn't going to wear tan, it'd go nicely with my pale skin. The dress was too big for me at first, but I had it altered and it fit like a glove yesterday! It was so comfortable to wear, and it was brilliant to dance in - the petticoat is a must, it just made the dress! I did my makeup myself and I got my hair styled by a hairdresser, in the 50s style also. I fortunately kept my dress clean all night, so I'll be able to wear it again in no time.
I'm still tired from last night, so excuse this drabby post, but here are some pictures and a video showing you my outfit.. enjoy!

I sat under the dryer for an hour, I thought I was going to melt away!
Getting ready!

Aisling et moi.
Myself and Aisling.
Sarah, myself and Aisling on the bus!
Sarah, myself and Aisling before dinner.
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