Urban Decay NAKED2 Palette - Review, Swatches & Comparison!

I couldn't contain my excitement last week, when I won the new Urban Decay NAKED2 palette off of their Twitter! I may be only one, of only a handful of people in Ireland right now that has the palette, as it only lands on our shores on January 1st next year. I feel quite special, I must say!
This follow-up palette has a lot to live up to, the success of the NAKED palette was humungous - it's the most popular palette to sell, EVER! When the beauty world heard of it's sibling coming along this Christmas, we all gasped/cried/jumped/squealed with excitement. 
I use the original NAKED palette daily. I bought it when it first came out in Ireland, the palette which came with the 24/7 Eyeliner Pencil, not the brush. Ever since, I've used it most of times I've worn makeup and it's an absolute must-have for me when I'm traveling. 

Right, so on to the review..

Packaging: The NAKED2 palette comes in a hard, metal case which is quite heavier than the NAKED palette. The NAKED2 case feels extremely heavy-duty, and closes tight and well. In comparison to the US beauty bloggers and vloggers who have reviewed this palette, I actually prefer the NAKED2 packaging. It's more sturdy, sleek and looks like it'll stay in great nick for a good while. My NAKED palette is still in good shape mind, but the writing on the lid is chipping away and in comparison to the NAKED2, it doesn't feel as sturdy and long-lasting.
I love how the mirror inside the NAKED2's palette is larger also, it's fantastic when applying makeup. I usually apply my eyeshadow in front of a window to use the daylight, and I can easily use the palette's large mirror when doing this in future!
The lid of the NAKED2 palette is quite heavy, so when you put the palette on a table, it just flips back on to the lid slightly, due to it's weight. This is quite awkward and irritating, but it's only something small to worry about to be honest. I'm just being picky!
The NAKED2 palette is practically the same size as the NAKED palette, it's just bulkier.
Eyeshadows: The eyeshadows themselves are mostly fantastic, as are the majority of Urban Decay shadows I find. They're all creamy, and most of them are highly pigmented except for 'Foxy' and 'Tease' unfortunately. 'Foxy' just fades away into my skin, as the colour's so similar to my natural skin tone, it'd be more suited for darker skin tones definitely. 'Tease' happens to be one of my favourite colours from the palette, a dusky taupey-lilac, unfortunately it's pay-off is quite poor and I have to use around 3 sweeps to get an opaque intensity. 
In comparison to the NAKED palette, the NAKED2 offers more light, cool-toned taupey shades. However, the NAKED palette offered a variety of darker shadows, allowing you to have more variations with eye looks. I do wish the NAKED2 offered more dark shadows, as it only really has 'Busted' and 'Blackout', which limits your look choices automatically. This obviously won't be a problem if you already own the NAKED palette, as you can switch and mix-and-match between the two. 
The only shadow included in both palettes is 'Half Baked', a favourite of mine. All of the other shadows are different, as you can see in the comparison photo at the end of this post.
My favourite shades from the NAKED2 palette are: Half Baked, Chopper, Snakebite, Suspect and YDK.
One thing I always love about Urban Decay products, is that they always have the most badass shade names - the shadow names in this palette are brilliant and sound so rock'n'roll!
The back of the NAKED2 outer packaging.

With the NAKED2 palette, you receive a double-ended brush which fits inside the compartment inside the palette. One side is a small, flat eyeshadow brush and the other is a big, fluffy blending brush. The blending brush is fantastic, but I find the flat brush far too small, it makes the application process that extra bit longer. It would handy to use when applying shadow to concentrated areas though, like your upper or lower lashlines.
As I previously mentioned, I received the double-ended 24/7 eyeliner with my NAKED palette. I still use the eyeliner to this day, but I do find the brushes much more handy to receive with the palettes. They're perfect for traveling!
One thing I really don't like about the NAKED2 palette, is the fact that you receive a mini lipgloss with it. With the NAKED palette, I received a mini 'Primer Potion' eyeshadow primer, which was fantastic! It was relevant to the palette and extremely handy. I loved it so much, that I went out and bought myself a full-size one after I ran out! I just do not understand why a lipgloss is given with this palette? I know some people will be delighted with it, but I just think it doesn't fit in with an eyeshadow palette and seems a bit odd, in comparison to receiving an eyeshadow primer, which you would clearly get use of alongside using the shadows. 
The lipgloss tastes like peppermint and is meant to plump your lips. I dislike lipglosses anyways, so it lasted about 10 minutes on my lips before I wiped it off. Lipglosses always feel so sticky and gloopy, I can't stand them!
Comparison photos:
Similar in size.
NAKED2 shadows on top, NAKED shadows on the bottom.

Final verdict: Overall, I love the NAKED2 palette. I know I'll get fantastic use out of it, as I did with the NAKED palette. I don't think it's an essential purchase, if you already own the NAKED palette but I don't think there's any harm in buying it either. For €40, you're getting 12 versatile, beautiful shades, that'll last you ages and it's ideal for any makeup artists out there - it'd be perfect for wedding makeup!
If you own neither palette, I would recommend purchasing the original NAKED palette first though, as I think there's just that bit more variety with the shadow colours.

The NAKED2 palette will be available in Debenhams in Ireland, from Janaury 1st and nationwide in February.

Will you be buying the NAKED2 palette in January?