Outfit & Makeup Of The Day

Scarf (worn on head): Vintage
Beaded jacket: Vintage
Silk shirt: Vintage
(All my vintage pieces are from FanciShmancy, read my haul post here.)
Necklace: Urban Outfitters
Skirt: Dunnes Stores
Docs: China Blue

Today's outfit was quite retro inspired, as always! I feel like I wear this turquoise skirt to absolute death I must say, but it goes with everything - I bought it in Dunnes, around 2 years ago for €8 and I've literally worn it well over 100 times! I was heading to the fabulous Closet Clearout in Andrew's Lane Theatre, run my Corina Gaffney, so I dressed up and put on some of my new vintage clobber. I bought a good few bits and bobs, expect a haul post up next week!
I initially had a "Bettie" fringe in my hair, but as it's so fine it only lasted around 10 minutes.. ugh! I wore my usual pin-up makeup, wearing a bold red lipstick from Stargazer.

The lighting was trés crappy as you can see, it was getting darker every 5 seconds - apologies. Also excuse my awkward posing, I was freeeeeeezing!


  1. You are so amzing and inspirational :D xxx

  2. haha I was skeptical about the jacket.. but it totally works! I'll never doubt again!

  3. The shirt is lovely, the detailing of the collar is beautiful!
    Ashleigh xx

  4. that shirt looks amazing with the blouse!

    B http://glamourandgrungefashion.blogspot.com/

  5. you look amzing!
    just beautiful!


  6. Gorgeous!love pin-up makeup. I went to the closet clear-out too! Really want to get a rail and do nails at it too..do you think they will let me do both?

  7. I love this look, it is so classy.

    (I wouldn't have the guts to wear that shirt as I would definitely spill something on it after like 5mins!)

  8. your shirt is beautiful- i love the necklace too xx

  9. Gorgeous outfit - I love the shirt, so pretty and feminine! And your make-up is beautiful, I adore your lipsitck colour <3

  10. your makeup looks amazing! ive only just started watching your videos and i love your style, wish i had been watching agesss ago!:)


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