Outfit & Makeup Of The Day

Scarf (worn on head): Vintage
Beaded jacket: Vintage
Silk shirt: Vintage
(All my vintage pieces are from FanciShmancy, read my haul post here.)
Necklace: Urban Outfitters
Skirt: Dunnes Stores
Docs: China Blue

Today's outfit was quite retro inspired, as always! I feel like I wear this turquoise skirt to absolute death I must say, but it goes with everything - I bought it in Dunnes, around 2 years ago for €8 and I've literally worn it well over 100 times! I was heading to the fabulous Closet Clearout in Andrew's Lane Theatre, run my Corina Gaffney, so I dressed up and put on some of my new vintage clobber. I bought a good few bits and bobs, expect a haul post up next week!
I initially had a "Bettie" fringe in my hair, but as it's so fine it only lasted around 10 minutes.. ugh! I wore my usual pin-up makeup, wearing a bold red lipstick from Stargazer.

The lighting was trés crappy as you can see, it was getting darker every 5 seconds - apologies. Also excuse my awkward posing, I was freeeeeeezing!