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I've just returned home, from a fantastic evening out with my Nana. We went to see the film 'My Week With Marilyn' in the IFI cinema, and it completely blew us away! The film tells the tale of a young Colin Clark, an assistant working on the film 'The Prince and the Showgirl' in 1956, starring Sir Laurence Olivier and Marilyn Monroe. Clark ends up spending a week with Miss Monroe, when her arsehole of a husband (excuse my language) Arthur Miller, flies back to the USA. It also shows how tense filming was, especially between Olivier and Marilyn, and her co-workers.
I'll start off by telling you guys about my adoration of Marilyn Monroe. She's always been a part of my life. Ever since I was a young child, my Mom and Aunty always had posters, books, films of her all over their houses. I remember lying in my Mum's bed in the morning, staring at the famous Seven Year Itch 'wind tunnel' shot of Marilyn. I'd stare at the photo for hours on end, wondering who she was, what she did and over time, I grew to become obsessed with her. Of course, I was then shown her films - the first one I saw being Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, still one of my all-time favourite! I was in awe of Marilyn's character, her beauty and old Hollywood feminine, glamour in general. As I grew older, I became more fascinated by the Marilyn behind the camera, the life of Norma Jean. I read books upon books, watched documentary after documentary, and I soon learnt what a troubled, lost person Marilyn was. I developed such a love for her, that will never leave me. She's a true icon to me. I always feel quite defensive over Marilyn I must say, I hate when people just refer to her as the 'bimbo actress' and the likes. She had so much more to give, but her hectic life and past just caught up with her in the end. She never had the chance to really show what a fantastic actress she could of been, unfortunately the 'dumb blonde' was the role she was cast for, for the majority of her films.
 I was apprehensive, I must say, before seeing My Week With Marilyn. I wasn't familiar with the actress who was going to play her (Michelle Williams), and I was worried Marilyn was going to be portrayed incorrectly. I've seen such horrendous imitations of Marilyn in the past (Lindsay Lohan photoshoot - ahem), that I was hoping this wasn't going to be another total cringe-fest!
Oh, how wrong I was! Thank god. I left the cinema with tears in my eyes, and a new-found love for Michelle Williams. Her acting was incredible, you can tell she studied Marilyn to a T. The way Marilyn spoke, her body language, her whole aura - it was perfection! At moments I even forgot Michelle was playing Marilyn, it felt as if I watching Marilyn herself. I felt the movie did Marilyn justice, it told the truth. There was no sugar-coating, it told you about the real Marilyn. Eddie Redmayne (Clarke) played his role brilliantly too, I couldn't help but swoon at his crooked smile during the film, he's a total babe! My Nana and I were both delighted when we saw Judi Dench also, as Nana said: "She's the real act-or!"
Eddie Redmayne - swoon!
Some people who may not know that much about Marilyn, or who haven't had an interest about her before, may say the movie lacked a story line. It wasn't about a "story" as such, in my opinion. It was a film depicting a young man's glimpse into the sad, busy, yet exciting life of the Marilyn Monroe, and how you never know what goes on behind closed doors. I thoroughly believe most Marilyn fans will love it, they'll appreciate it, as did I.

“It is the most challenging role I’ve taken, and I think it always will be. There is a degree of difficulty that always exists for me at work, but this really stepped it up. I was nervous, of course, but I tried not to think of her as an icon. She most yearned to play dramatic roles, but I really rather take to her comedy – and in ‘The Prince and The Showgirl’ there’s some work that she’s never bettered.” ~ Michelle Williams

I can't forget to mention how amazing the costume, makeup and hair were throughout the film. Each of them was done to perfection! Michelle was Marilyn, with her blonde curls and big red lips. The clothes were exact replicas of pieces Marilyn wore and they oozed femininity and sex appeal. I was delighted, to say the least, nothing slacked and everything was thought-through, and that was evident.
I'd highly recommend it to anyone who's a Marilyn fan, to anyone who's interested in finding out about the 'real' Marilyn or just to anybody looking for a bloody good movie to watch! I haven't left a cinema in months, feeling as impressed as I was tonight. It's by far one of the best films I've seen all year, I give it 10/10!

P.S I love the IFI cinema usually, it's quiet and a nice change from a regular cinema. But I nearly choked on air today, when I was charged a whopping €2.80 for a plastic cup of Coke (the drink lads, the drink..) - a small, flimsy plastic cup. I looked at the waiter as if he'd just handed me a cup of maggots, and I was like 'ARE YOU SERIOUS?!'. Absolute daylight robbery! It had less than a can's worth of Coke in it, and was filled with feckin ice - ludicrous! I'll stick to buying my treats prior to going to see films from now. What a waste of money..


  1. I LOVE MARILYN am a little obsessed so I was a little worried when yer one from dawsons creek was going to play her, but she was charming, funny and fragile ... Loved it

  2. I really didn't like it, probably because I went in with the mentality that I wouldn't. I have an issue with people trying to portray massive stars and as an absolute obsessive, I was so angry this film tried to. Don't get me wrong, as much as I dislike Michelle Williams, she was brilliant in the role. But not much happened on the film and I don't think credit should be given to someone who claims to have had an affair with her - where is the proof? It romanises something that most probably didn't occur and states it as fact. The acting by all was superb, but the was little plot as you said and urrghhh, just leave it alone, hollywood.

    rant over ;) x

  3. I'd love to see this film, even to just see the makeup and costume. Also I have a friend who loves Marilyn so I'm thinking of asking her. x

  4. I love Marilyn she had a story and was a beautiful smart woman. I wanted to see the movie but now I've read this I HAVE to see it! Marilyn is an inspiration to me, so sad she never got to show her full potential xx

  5. I saw it a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it aswell, I just adore her, everything about her! Have you read "The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe" by Randy Taborelli yet Leanne? If not, do it, its the best book on her, by far!
    ah what an icon!


  6. I trust anything Michelle Williams is in, so I'll have to see it!

  7. I went to see this film with my Mum last week. I too left with tears in my eyes and a heart sunken feeling. The film was so beautiful and better than expected. Like you, I wasn't sure what Michelle Williams' performance was going to be like but wow, she blew me away! She is such a beautiful woman herself. I think I fell head over heels with Eddie too! His freckles WERE SO CUTE. His smile, oh my goodness.. to die for. I quite liked Emma Watson's performance too but her hair was a bit weird. You could tell she was wearing extensions or some kind of wig cos of her dodgy fringe haha! Did you make an opinion of Marilyn after? I think she was a flirt and she intentionally knew she was too but who wouldn't be when you look like Marilyn?! I just think she was a very lonely woman, no thanks to Miller and she just wanted a friend. Also cos she was from a broken home herself, she even admitted she just wanted to feel love so I believe she felt she could trust Colin and then she realised she needed to stay with Miller in the end to feel somewhat accepted?

    Want this on DVD!
    Sorry for the long comment but I have such an undying love for MM too! (:

  8. Am DYIN to see this film, close to just running along to it on my own.. So excited, and great review :)


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