Ja'Maal Buster - 'Just Lashes' Review

 I was sent these false lashes to try out a few months ago, and as I'm not really a false lash wearer, it's taken me a good while to come up with a solid review for them. (I've worn each pair, so I could give you guys a 100% true 'noob' review.)
Ja'Maal Buster is an eyelash guru to the stars, he creates fluttery lashes for celebs such as Kim Kardashian, Britney, Rihanna, Beyonce and many more! I knew these lashes were going to be fantastic, if also those fabulous stars wore them - and I was quite right!
As I've said, I don't usually wear false lashes and have only worn them once or twice in the past. I'm lucky to have naturally long and curly lashes, so I've never felt a need to buy false ones. I was excited however to try some out, and I'm glad these guys were so easy to use as I was a complete noob with it all! 
The lashes themselves are very well made, I got at least 2/3 goes of each pair. The glue's the only negative aspect of the lashes, as I found some of the tube's a bit watery and messy. If you wear false lashes a lot, I'd recommend buying something like Duo Glue, so you're guaranteed an easy application with any lashes you buy. The small tubes of glue are handy however to pop in your bag for touch-ups during the night.
The first pair I wore, were 'Bold & Beautiful' - I wore them on Halloween night and got a ton of compliments on them! (Read my 'Halloween makeup and hair' post here!) They didn't feel heavy on the lid, and they lasted ALL night - I was in a hot club for the night, and it even rained a little but the lashes stayed on perfectly
Unfortunately I don't have pictures of me wearing the other pairs, but most of them are still in good nick and I'll be using them again. I think I'll definitely be wearing a pair for Christmas and New Years Eve anyways, as they're party perfect!
BeautyEmporium.ie are selling these fab lashes on sale, at an amazing €5 per pack, so definitely check them out. (They'd be a perfect stocking filler!)
Wearing the 'Bold & Beautiful' lashes.

For more information, check out Ja'Maal's website; www.JaMaalBuster.co.uk