Irish Blogger & Vlogger Meet-up - Dublin (17/12/11)

All of us bloggers and vloggers in the Jervis shopping centre, after receiving our Inglot goodie bags!
Yesterday, myself and some other fabulous Irish bloggers and vloggers met up in Dublin. The meet-up was organised by Sarah Kent and Sinead Cady over the last few months, and they couldn't of done a better job with it! We all had a fantastic day, and it was really lovely to meet everyone in person and get to know each other. 
The Irish blogging and vlogging communities are really quite small, so I really believe in meet-ups and all of us becoming friends, getting to know eachother etc. It's a fantastic way to meet people from all over the country, who share the same interests as you! We all agreed to meet-up again in the New Year, in Cork - so I'm totaaaally looking forward to that.
We all met up for lunch in Salamanca on Dame St. For only €10, we received a starter/dessert, a main course and tea/coffee; which was a bargain! It was a gorgeous restaurant, but we found our waiter to be err, quite rude/odd? I ordered a pasta dish, but I asked for it without chicken, as I'm a vegetarian and he rudely commented on it by saying that the "chicken adds the flavour?" The pasta was delicious however, and the vanilla creme brulée went down a treat for dessert. When we got our plates almost grabbed off us by him afterwards, we were not only confused, but a little peed off to be quite honest! Not cool
We then left to head to the Inglot makeup counter, in the Jervis shopping centre. We were each given a goodie bag with an Inglot prezzie and complimentary makeover card inside - I received a duo eyeshadow palette, which I am deliraaa with! Some of the girls received false lashes, eyeshadow creams, lipglosses, nailpolish and more! It was so generous of Inglot to give us them, so a big thank you from all of us.
We all found the hustle and bustle of town a bit much after a while, as everyone was in to get their last minute Christmas shopping in. We decided to scoot off to Dandelion, beside Stephen's Green shopping centre and order some yummy cocktails! I've never been in Dandelion before, and I was quite impressed with it. It's gorgeous inside, really spacious and glamorous looking. All of the cocktails were a fantastic €5, so the majority of us took advantage of that obviously - I ordered a Skittles Martini, and oh wow.. WOW! It tasted exactly like Skittles, it was so yum!
We all then had to say goodbye, and left for our cosy beds at home! Overall, it was such a fun day. We all got on like a house on fire, and it was great seeing people from outside a computer screen.

In Salamanca. I'm doing the biggest "Mom" pose ever, aggh!
My pasta dish, WITHOUT CHICKEN! Haha.
Vanilla creme brulée, delish!
Grafton Street Christmas decorations!
Cocktails in Dandelion; a nice end to a fabulous day!
My Skittles Martini! (And chips with garlic dip, obviously..)
Our last group photo before we travelled home!
I popped into a pharmacy on the way home, and picked up 2 CandyCane candles and the new (bleughh) Essence eyeliner. I plan on doing a big comparison post on the eyeliner, so watch out for that!
My new Inglot eyeshadows, I love them! (If anybody knows the shades of them, please let me know.)

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