Irish Apfel for M.A.C

I nearly leaped out of my seat in work today, when I heard about Iris Apfel's upcoming line for M.A.C. I wrote a blog post (quite a short one, mind) last Summer on her (read it here), and she is someone I constantly look to for inspiration. She's now an amazing 90 years old, yet her style and creativity is better than ever! 
20 pieces of makeup will feature in the collection, and I've fallen in love already - the lipsticks and eyeshadows are to die for! This is honestly the first M.A.C collection I've been excited about in ages, the only other one being the Venomous Villains collection really. The makeup is quite evidently fashion-forward, and is Iris all-over. The colours are stunning, and I can safely say I'll be saving up and stocking up for this!

The Iris Apfel for M.A.C collection will be hitting stores and online, on January 5th. 

Will you buying any pieces from the line?