Haul - Vintage, Makeup, Books & More!

Hiya everyone, hope you're all having a great week so far! I've developed a good habit this week I must say, which consists of me waking up early and going to bed at decent-ish hours. I hope it lasts, I'm a complete night-owl naturally and I easily get into awful 'up at 3pm - bed at 3am' habits. My blog and youtube are back running as per usual now, I'll have a blog post up at least every 2 days, and one video up per week.
I've bought all of these items over the space of a month or so, I made some money selling some old clothes so I picked up a few bits and bobs. I won a €100 voucher, to Dublin's new vintage store FanciShmancy the other day, so I went in a picked up a few gorgeous bits'n'bobs!
Tartan jacket - around €30, silk white - €15, beaded jacket - around €30.
Detailing on the collar of the silk shirt, isn't it stunning?!
3 scarves, €5 each - the patterns caught my eye straight away!

My Mom was recently on holidays, and as a gift she picked me up something I've wanted for ages - Miss Dior Cherie perfume! I fell in love with perfume straight away after I smelt it in BT's months ago, and I knew I needed it asap! The bottle is so feminine and it looks stunning on my dressing table. It's a beautiful, girly and fresh scent and it reminds me of Soap & Glory products' scent.
As I mention in my video below, I am determined to get back to my bookworm ways! I used to always be glued to a book, but exams and the internet got in the way of that unfortunately. I went into Easons, and picked up 6 "classics", for an amazing €2.65 each - all 6 cost me just under €16! I'm dying to get stuck into them.
Have you read any of these books, what did you think? (I'd love some book recommendations too please!)
I recently used up 5 potted Lush products, and I kept them to bring them back to my nearest Lush store. If you bring back 5 clean pots, you receive a free fresh face mask back in return! It's great for you, and the environment - yay!
I picked up 'Love Lettuce', an exfoliating and moisturising mask. My skin is so dull and dry lately, due to the weather and stress, so Love Lettuce sounded ideal. This is the third Lush face mask I've tried, and once it's gone, I'll be doing a review on all three masks for you guys. So far, I love it - let's hope it improves my skin for Christmas!
5 empty Lush pots turn into...
..a yummy facemask!
Clery's were having a customer day a few days back, and they were offering a great 10% off all cosmetics. I took advantage of this obviously, and bought Benefit's 'High Beam' liquid highlighter. It was €26, but I received it for around €23 with the discount, I was delighted! I've wanted it for aaages, and so far I'm loving it. I'll be doing a more in-depth review on it soon.
Possibly my favourite buy of the lot, Revlon's ColourStay foundation, in the shade 110 Ivory. I've been on the hunt for the perfect pale high-street foundation for years, literally. When I saw Lorraine's review of this on her blog, I actually gasped with excitement. It cost me around €16 in Boots (I used my student travel card 10% discount), and it was worth every penny! Again, I'll be doing a more detailed review on it soon, once I've used it for a good few weeks but let me just say one thing; IT'S AMAZING!
I also picked up some Burt's Bees lipbalm (around €4), to save my Winter-struck chapped lips, it's delish! I purchased my 4th tube of Collection 2000's Lasting Perfection concealer, aka My Holy Grail Product - I cannot live without it. Also decided to try out a NYC liquid eyeliner, seeing as I'm in mourning over the loss of my Essence old-packaging eyeliner. It isn't anything special, the formulation's watery and you don't have much control over the brush, pity!