The Christmas Closet Clearout!

On Saturday afternoon, I attended the swish new Christmas Closet Clearout, in Andrew's Lane Theatre. The fabulous Corina Gaffney came up with the idea, as she knew how important it was for us girlies to have a closet clearout once in a while - and still make money from it! Tons of fashionistas gathered to sell their clobber and treasures, and I of course picked up a few nice treats for myself.
I spent €40, and bought a Topshop dress, a vintage ring, a Starbucks tee AND a Merle O'Grady ring with it. Although I do wish I had of brought more, a girl was selling real Chanel sunnies for an amazing €60 - I tried them on, and nearly cried when I had to take them off.. talk about a bargain!
There was a fantastic buzz around the event, and I saw a good few familiar faces. I think it's such an amazing idea, especially in a time of economic recession - we all want bargains, right? Dublin is finally catching up with the clothes/vintage fair scene, and I just love it!
Corina's going to be running another one of these fab clearouts at the end of January, and I'll definitely be getting a rail or two to sell my éadaí. Make sure to follow the Closet Clearout on Twitter (click here) to keep updated on news and info!
The talented Irish jewellery designer Merle O'Grady was selling her sample-sale pieces at the event, and my Sarah and I snatched up two amazing rings, at a fraction of the original price; €20 each. If Beyoncé and Rihanna are fans, I'm a fan..
The Merle O'Grady ring that my friend Sarah bought.
Our fabulous new rings!
The gold spikey ring I picked up, I love it!
I bought this vintage oval ring, for a cheap-as-chips €3!
I nearly died when I saw this velvet and lace Topshop dress, I could of screamed when the girl said it was only €10. Buy of the day! This Starbucks tee also caught my eye, it's so rugged looking and will go with anything, t'was only a fiver too.
Lace detailing on the back and front of the dress.

I popped into my haven Lush on the way back from the Closet Clearout, and bought myself my first Snow Fairy bottle of the year; the giant 500ml one, of course. If you read last year's Christmas Haul post, you'd know my obsession with Lush's Snow Fairy. Addiction is an understatement. As it's only available around Crimbo time, I stock up! It smells like heaven.