Best Foundation Ever? Revlon's ColorStay!

I'm currently lying in my bed, on my Nana's laptop dying of a flu. I've somehow managed to hold on to a flu I got in October, and it's worsened over the last few days. I wasn't even able to go into work today (I'm now an intern at Thinkhouse, woop!) so I'm lying in bed and sipping Lemsip, feeling sorry for myself. I thought I may as well get something productive done, so of course I thought I'd write a blog post for you all.
I've been getting SO many compliments on my skin and complexion over the last two weeks on my videos, I honestly think it's down to a) my improved diet/skin condition b) The best foundation to ever exist, ever. - Revlon's ColorStay.
After reading Lorraine's review on it, I knew I needed it asap. My MUFE Matt Velvet + was just about to run out, and I wasn't keen on whipping out €30+ for another foundation. Lorraine said she swears by the foundation, and I personally love Revlon products so I went out and bought ColorStay that week.
I've been using it for just around a month now, and I am completely hooked. I know for sure, that it's gonna be my 'go to' foundation for a good while - it's unbelievable!
I always get asked what foundation I recommend for pale skin tones, as I'm am ridiculously pale myself. I resemble a milk bottle, seriously. Finding the perfect shade in foundation has always been in a pain in the ass for me. I've spent over €150 on foundations in the past year alone on foundations, and the majority of them have been the incorrect shade for me. (Chanel 'Pro Lumiere' and Clinique 'Even Better' I'm looking at you..)
What I love about this foundation, is that it not only comes in a fantastic variety of shades, but it comes in different formulas for certain skin types; mine being 'Combination/Oily'. ColorStay was only around €18 in Boots. (I used my travel card for a discount, and it was around €15 for me, so the original price has slipped my mind - sorry!) I pranced home and was uber excited to test it out.
I honestly fell in love with it at first site. It matches my skin tone to a T (I'm the shade: 110 Ivory), has an SPF of 6 (not the best SPF you can get, but it's nice to know you're still being protected to a point), gives a flawless finish and it lasts all day. Some people may say they find the foundation too thick/heavy, but I think a small bit goes a long way with it. It definitely gives a medium coverage, but you can build it up to heavy if needs be. I personally dislike a dewy finish, I like my skin to look flawless and almost photoshopped looking, and I find this foundation does exactly that. It gives a semi-matte finish, and I only need a small amount of powder to mattify my face completely. I only need to use a dab of concealer under my eyes and on blemishes, as the foundation works it's wonders alone.
I apply it with my Sigma foundation brush at first, and then blend it in with my Sigma Duo-Fibre brush for the ultimate flawless finish. I'll be recording a foundation routine video soon, as it's my most requested video at the mo - so keep an eye out!
The only negative I have the say about the foundation, is that it doesn't come with a pump. I find pouring the foundation out on to my hand to be a bit messy and sloppy, and it eventually makes the lid/bottle a bit grubby looking. I eventually got used to it though, so I know how much to pour out etc now.
I'd highly recommend this foundation to everyone, especially if you're as pale as me - it's beyond fantastic, and it doesn't break the bank!

I'd give Revlon ColorStay foundation 9/10 - 1 point deducted for the lack of pump and the messiness!

P.S There's a little beauty shop that's just popped up recently in George's Street Arcade, and they're selling this foundation for around €10 - amazing! I'm going to go in and stock up after Christmas.

What's your favourite foundation?