Thunder + Threads - New Look!

I'm sure you've all noticed my blog's fabulous new look? Well it's all thanks to the lovely Milly from Fashion Launderette. She offered to help me design a few bits'n'bobs for my blog, to spice it up a little - and wow, has she done a fabulous job!
For ages now, I've been thinking up of a logo for THUNDER + THREADS. I came up with the thread spool and lightning bolt needle a while ago, and it's stuck with me ever since. Milly completely understood my ideas and "visions" for the blog, despite me being awful at describing my ideas!
I love having a kitsch and vintage vibe to my blog, as it portrays my own style - my new header and logos are very girlie and Milly's done an amazing job of colour-coordinating and designing my blog's look in general.
I'm still putting the final touches on my blog, trying to see what colours work best etc. (Do you guys prefer a dark or light background - I can't decide!)

If you interested in getting your blog vamped up my Milly email her at or visit here blog Fashion Launderette here!

Check out Milly's designs for THUNDER + THREADS below..

Thank you so much Milly - you're a star!