Photoshoot - Ruth Guest

Last week, I was modeling for Ruth Guest. Ruth is childhood friend of mine, and has always been glued to her camera. She's currently studying photography in IADT, and asked me to model for a photoshoot. Myself, Ruth and 3 fabulous assistants (Ethan Higgins on hair, Aisling Weldon as the stylist and Zita E Kirk as the assistant), put our heads together and came up with the shoot's concept. It was going to tell the story of a 'Runaway Bride', who eventually becomes a mess due to the loss of a love and making a wrong decision (Ruth explains it much better in the video at the end of the post!). I wore Ruth's Mother's stunning wedding dress, a Beverly Summers vintage gown. I did my own makeup, as usual - I went for a dark, vampy look with copper and black smokey eyes, teamed up with a berry red lip.
It was an extremely fun shoot, shot at Killiney Beach. I bit the bullet and ignored the freezing cold, and pranced around the dress (and wellies!), and even jumped into the sea for the final shots! It was all totally worth it though, as the shots turned out brilliantly. What do you guys think?

Behind the scenes:

Check out Ruth's photography page: click here!


  1. Brilliant idea, you look amazing! I love the last ones in the sea with running make up xx

  2. You look amazing! Love the makeup!xx

  3. I love the thought of you wearing wellies underneath! The photos are perfect (:

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  5. gorgeous!
    and the vido & song <3<3<3<3


  6. pictures are incredible. you must have been more than freezing in that water considering the weather in ireland is so cold right now.x

  7. Wow, these photos are gorgeous! Love the running makeup in the later photos

  8. amazing photos, especially the one of you walking in the sea. Really stunning :) xo

  9. Your bangs look lovely! They're definitely hard to pull off on most people


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