Photoshoot - Conor Clinch

Would you believe it if I told you that these shots were taken by a 15 year old budding photographer? Well, they are! My buddy Conor Clinch is what I like to call a genius. I see a handful of 15/16 year olds these days, that produce work that usually someone a decade their senior would produce, and I 'm completely envious to be honest! When I was 15, all I'd do was attend concerts and 'share the love' on Bebo..
Conor took these shots of me last weekend, and they turned out sooo amazing! I wanted the shots to portray my own personal style, so with the help of Megan O'Connor the stylist, we put together some amazing and edgy outfits that'd stand out in the shots. My personal favourite is the first one, I felt like an ice-skater!
(The makeup and hair were done by me!)

For more information and to see more of Conor's amazing work, check out his page here!

 Jumper - The Harlequin (vintage shop), Red Disco Shorts - American Apparel and Silver Litas - Jeffrey Campbell.
 Spiked choker necklace - Fresh, Black cropped tee - American Apparel and Black sheer maxi skirt - Topshop.
Blue velvet cropped tee - American Apparel, Cross necklace - Topshop and Cathedral leggings - Black Milk Clothing.

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