New Haircut & Video!

Today I got my hair cut and styled.. finally! A new look - a new me. I love reinventing myself, and I don't think there's any better way to do it, than getting your hair chopped. 
As I mentioned in my last post, I was modeling for Toni & Guy today, so I received my cut and styling for free (thank god!). Toni & Guy's Manager Director Alan Boyce styled my hair, he is a well-known hairstylist in Ireland and the UK. I was first up to model, it was daunting sitting in a room with 15 people staring at you, but I got used to it eventually. 
Alan was working around Toni & Guy's trends for this year on my hair. I told him he could do whatever he wanted, but just as long as he kept the length! As my hair is quite fine, he added a ton of layers for volume and texture. My full fringe was also pulled all the way to the front from my crown, for extra thickness. I couldn't believe my eyes when the cut was complete. I looked so different, but I loved it! It's bang on trend and I have a ton of new hairstyles I can try out with it. I am over the moon!
I was listening to what Alan was telling the students, as he styled my hair. He was saying the two main styles stylists are asked to create in salons now are; the big, voluminous "Essex" curly hair and then the complete opposite - messy, edgy "Bedhead" hair. He was saying how he worked with tons of designers during London Fashion Week this year, and they were all edging towards the low-maintenance, "I just rolled out of bed" looks - and I can see why! The more elaborate a collection is, the nicer it is to just keep it simple with hair and makeup. Of course, OTT hair works with crazy designs too (McQueen, Galliano etc) but sometimes it is nice to just keep things simple.
I now keep getting told I look like Katy Perry/Daisy Lowe now, but I don't mind - it's a compliment! I'm definitely going to consider doing some makeup tutorials inspired by them in the near future - if you've any preferences of looks they've worn, do share!
I just wanted to thank Toni & Guy Ireland for this great opportunity, I feel like a new woman haha! I'd highly recommend Toni & Guy as a salon, they look after you so well and the salons themselves are so chic! I know some of you may think Toni & Guy are quite expensive, but I'd rather pay the extra 10 quid for being looked after well and knowing my hair will be something unique, something that suits me!

Before and After!
I uploaded a new as promised, just an update and quick outfit of the day - enjoy!