My Halloween Makeup & Hair!

Halloween is my favourite time of year, I get more excited about it than my birthday, Christmas and all of the other money-making holidays we celebrate. Even as a kid, I'd start drawing (I was forever with a pencil in hand, I couldn't stop drawing) Halloween decorations up at the end of Summer. Our house would be covered, and I mean COVERED in Halloween decorations. My interest in the paranormal and all things spooky has influenced most of my interests to be honest; film, books, fashion and even music! 
So of course, I was gearing up for Old Hallow's Eve in September, constantly thinking and talking about it. Unfortunately though, this Halloween wasn't the best for me! For the past 3 years, Halloween has been a let-down for me. Not the day itself, but the way I spend it. I went to a club this year, and it just wasn't fun. It didn't feel like Halloween and I went away thinking "Ugh, another crap Halloween!" I guess I shouldn't build up the hype for myself as much as I do. I hope you all had a great night however!
I didn't bother dressing up OTT this year, as I don't have the money for a costume and I feel like every costume idea has been over-done to death! I went out on Sunday, which again wasn't the best fun but my friends and I dressed up as St. Trinians, which was brilliant fun! 
I wore Halloween-ish clothes and makeup on Monday also, and dressed up with my friends as a 'biker gang' on. Nobody noticed our "costumes" though, as we just looked like we do everyday, just with less makeup and less holes in our tights. Fail!

Eyeshadow: Urban Decay Naked Palette 'Creep' and 'Naked' (crease). The black, silver and white shadows from the Sleek PPQ 'Me, Myself & Eye' palette. (Inner tear-duct area: Urban Decay glitter gel.)
Eyeliner: Urban Decay 24/7 pencil in 'Zero' and Essence black gel eyeliner.
Eyelashes: Lancome Hynose Mascara and Ja'Maal Buster false lashes 'Bold & Beautiful'. (review coming soon!)
Blush: M.A.C's 'Pink Swoon'
Lips: MUFE's T 51
I created a faux-hawk (fake mohawk) in my hair, which is actually quite simple to do! I shall be doing a video tutorial on it soon, as you guys went crazy over it on my Facebook page! (Give it a like, you know you want to!)

What did you dress up as, and what the funniest costume you saw on Halloween?