More! Magazine's Blog Boudoir!

Hello all, it's been a while - I hope you all had a fantastic Halloween!

I'm delighted to get my blog back into the swing of things with some faaaabulous news. A while ago, I applied to become part of More! magazine's 'Blog Boudoir' - where they would showcase 10 up and coming blogs and feature them on their website and in their magazine. The winning blogs were chosen by the More! team and 4 other blog experts - and I was one of the lucky ten! I just had to make a little post to tell you all, it's sooo exciting. I'll be contributing to the mag's website with my posts, taking part in competitions, attending events and more. I am over the moon, it's such an honour. I finally feel like things are going my way, for once! 

Read all about More! magazine's Blog Boudoir here, and check out the other 9 finalist's blogs - they're brilliant!