Let's Have A Catch-Up...

As I previously mentioned in my last post, the past few weeks have been hectic for me! A lot has happened to me since the beginning of October, whether it has been positive or negative. My operation went successfully, as most of you know but the weeks following it were horrendous. Not only was my recovery slow and irritating, I got so run down from it all that I developed a horrible flu - which added on an extra week of misery and moping around! To make matters even worse, I've not been enjoying college at all also. Having no job is also frustrating, as it results in me being constantly broke and I envy my friends who are out there earning cash. My blog and youtube have suffered because of all of these things, and I am forever sorry. 
With saying all of that though, a lot of good has come out of the past few weeks for me too. If you follow me on Twitter/ Facebook/ Tumblr, you probably know all of the news I have for you - but tust in case you missed it, here's a summary;
This time last week, was possibly the most exciting and surreal time of my life. It all seems like a giant, big daydream! Where do I even begin?!
I was contacted by the well-known photographer David Mushegain online, last weekend about doing a photoshoot with him. He was staying in Dublin, as he was snapping up pics for the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and their fans, at their concerts. Of course, I was skeptical at first - one google search of his name, and hundreds of ELLE and Vogue covers pop up. I was wondering why the hell he would want to shoot me!? After a while though, I knew he was legit. I met up with him the next day with my photographer pal Conor Clinch, and we had a street-style shoot in Temple Bar. I was soo nervous at first, as this guy has shot the likes of Charlotte Free and countless other top models. I eventually got into the swing of things, and the preview of the pictures looked amazing.
Daivd Mushegain and myself, in Temple Bar.
Unfortunately the photos won't be published until February - they're going to be published in a New York magazine, called 'The Last Magazine', sometime around fashion week.. how exciting!
That evening I attended the fabulous THREAD magazine Issue 2 launch, in Smithfield. It was a brilliant night, full of great people and the magazine itself was really impressive - you can read more about THREAD here!
I didn't think things could get any better until a group of my friends and I, were contacted again by David on the Saturday. He wanted to shoot us all again, together in town. It was last-minute, so we all rushed into town - I had to put my lippy on, on the bus (messy times)! David whipped out this giant piece of white paper, and stuck it to the side of a pub across from the Ha'penny Bridge. Our "backdrop" was created and it looked amazing. We all posed individually, and then together for a group shot. All of the photos looked great, and they'll be up sometime in the future. 
We were all a tad star-struck to say the least, meeting David. He's worked with so many people and we were all just in awe of him. As a thank-you to all of us, he treated us all to some yummy Leo Burdocks chipper. Not only did David join us for chipper, but Flea from the Red Hot Chilli Peppers did too! He was so friendly and interested in what we were doing, he made conversation with all of us and it was just SO surreal. We were all Tweeting it in absolute excitement, and most people didn't believe us - here's a pic below to prove it, haha!
All of us with Flea from the RHCP - amazing!
I met a lot of amazing new friends over the weekend too, so to close such an amazing weekend I decided to throw a little party -  webcam pics below, why not

I have a lot of plans for the coming weeks; I'm DJ'ing at Forever 21's 1st birthday bash tomorrow in Jervis from 3-4pm (all info in the post below), I'm modeling for Toni & Guy on Monday - getting a new cut and colour, I have photoshoots planned with Ruth Guest and Emily Greene and some more exciting little plans that I'll keep you guys updated on, of course!
I probably will make a video on all of my updates too, as to when, I don't know - I'm going through a bit of family difficulty at the mo so things will continue to be a bit all over the place for a short while. 

I hope you're all doing well, xo.