COS Press Day - Spring/Summer '12 Collection

Last week I attended the ever-so chic COS press day event, where I was able to have a sneak-peak at their Spring/Summer collection for next year. I must say, I've never bought anything from COS myself, but a ton of my female family members love it - it's the best shop for well-made, 'key' items. 
Their Spring/Summer collection showed a younger, retro vibe to me in comparison to some of their previous collections. I spotted a good few items I'll consider buying next year, as their so wearable and gorgeous. 
There was an element of Jackie O in this collection, with 60s-style pastel jackets and tops, but on the other-hand there were architectural-cut boxy tops and dresses. Both completely contrasting with eachother, but they actually worked so well together. It's a stunning Spring/Summer collection, with it's soft colours, floaty materials and feminine touches, but androgyny was thrown into the mix with classic blazers and simplistic flat-wedge sandals.
The press day was held beside the National Concert Hall, in a small warehouse-style building. Their was graffiti style art all over the walls, and I thought it was a really interesting location to hold the event. Gorgeous nibbles were served, and I treated myself to yummy shortbread biscuit and tea.. of course!
I was given a COS goodie bag also, containing the whole Spring/Summer collection book and also a complimentary navy COS purse, which I love!
Favourite item of the collection, I adore these!
Aren't the graffiti-style pictures on the wall so interesting? I loved them!
My COS goodie bag!

 I popped into BT's on the way home, and M.A.C were showcasing their new 'Glitter & Ice' collection, and they had gorgeous ice-skater girls zooming around the shop. I took picture of the collection also, but was told off for it - so apologies for no pics of the makeup itself, but here's a pic of me with one of the ice-skaters - isn't she gorgeous?!