Sleek PPQ 'Me, Myself & Eye' Palette

Last week, the Irish beauty online store 'Cloud 10 Beauty' launched a fantastic offer to their customers on Facebook. They are giving away free €5 vouchers for all (click here to get yours!), to use on their site in celebration of their launch. I jumped at the chance to use mine, and I bought something I've wanted for aaaages!
I bought the limited edition Sleek PPQ 'Me, Myself & Eye' iDivine eyeshadow palette, it was originally €9 but I paid €4 for it with my voucher - yay! I've never tried any Sleek products before, as you're only able to purchase the products online in Ireland. I was dying to try a palette, as you hear so many amazing things about them! PPQ is also one of my favourite brands, so when I heard they teamed up with Sleek, I knew I had to buy the palette asap. The colours are stunning, so unique and overall I'm delighted with my purchase.
Sleek iDivine eyeshadow palettes, are chic black compact palettes that include 12 pigmented shadows. There's a handy mirror in the lid and you receive a double-ended applicator also, but I prefer to use my own brushes. Every eyeshadow is highly pigmented, and for only €9 a pop, these palettes are extremely good - I'll definitely be purchasing more in the future.
I was delighted with my €5 off from Cloud 10 Beauty, but I was even more happy when I went to the checkout - with every order, you receive 3 free samples of some products! You're allowed choose what samples you want to receive from a selection on the page, and I think it's such a fantastic idea! I chose a mini Du Wop lipstick, a moisturiser and a hand cream. They were a nice extra treat to receive along with the palette. I thought Cloud 10 Beauty couldn't get any better, until I received my package THE DAY AFTER ordering.. wonderful!

I really want to try out more Sleek products, especially their palettes - what's your favourite Sleek product? Recommend me some please!