Nails Of The Day - Mermaid Glitter

I only realised how messily I applied my polish on some nails, after I uploaded this zoomed in pic - apologies! It was done late at night..
 I've never done a 'Nails of the Day' post, as I usually just snap pics of my nails to my Twitter. I thought I'd give one a go however! Today I've decided to wear mermaid-inspired nails, using metallics and glitter! I'm quite lazy when it comes to nails sometimes, so I stupidly always forget to use a base-coat (I use Chanel's base-coat when I remember!). I applied Barry M's 'Cobalt Blue' (291) on each nail at first. I then applied Maxfactor's 'Dazzling Blue' (14) on every second nail, on the remaining nails I applied Angelica 'Emerald Isle' (37) glitter polish. Over each nail, I applied Sally Hansen's 'Insta-Dri' top coat, it dries each nail in under a minute. I couldn't live without it, it's fab! I love this look, but the glitter polish is a right pain to remove - the feeling is awful!

Would you like to see more 'Nails of the Day' posts? What nail polish are you wearing today? Leave me a comment below!