Mini Topshop Haul

Midnight blue velvet playsuit - £55 (€84 on the tag)
Black faux fur coat - £98 (€149 on the tag)
I've been looking for the perfect Winter coat for months now, but none have stood out to me in the shops and online - they were either boring, bulky, drabby, badly made or just not to my taste! I ventured into my haven Topshop however one rainy day, and spotted this black beauty on one of the mannequins. I fell in love with it straight away! Faux fur is the chicest of all Winter coat trends, I believe. The waist-clincher belt added a retro edge to the furry delight, and it's as snug as a bug! I bought it a size larger (size 10), as I have to keep in mind I'll be wearing thick jumpers and such underneath it. It fits like a glove! Nobody wants to wear a shabby coat, daily, for 3-4 months on end so you may as well invest in one you love and will feel great in all the time.
I bought both the jacket, and the playsuit online during the week recovering from my operation - online retail therapy definitely works at cheering me up! I had spotted this velvet playsuit weeks ago, as I was browsing the online store. It was a complete 'OH MY GOD I NEED IT!' moment, and I was determined to somehow possess it. When I finally had the money to buy it, I didn't think 'Oh, it's a tad expensive..' for one minute. It's a true investment piece, and it is something I know I will get great wear out of. It has a luxurious, almost 1940s film noir feel to it and it's definitely my buy of the season. I got it in a size 8, and it fits perfectly.

I can't help but notice the ridiculous price conversions, from sterling to euro though.. I feel a bit ripped off!? On the tags, the euro prices jump hugely higher than the sterling prices. For example, the faux fur coat - it's £98. That converts to €112, so being charged a whopping €149 for it seems ludicrous! The same goes for the playsuit, it's £55, which coverts to €63, but on the tag it states that it's €84. I find this absolutely horrendous to be honest, I'm not that knowledgeable on maths/business subjects, but I can see a rip-off a mile away. What do you guys think?