Book Review: 'Gorgeous To Go' (& Update!)

Quick update:
As I'm sure most of you are aware, I had a painful operation last week - I had 6 teeth extracted; all of my wisdoms and two at the front. It was done in a hospital, I was put to sleep etc so it was a proper operation. (some people assume orthodontic operations aren't as "serious" as others!) I've only really come back to my good oul self today, the week of recovery was extremely tough. I detest having to stay in my house all day, and I develop serious cabin fever as the days roll on! However, I'm alrighty now, my stitches and gums are still healing and I won't be able to eat solid foods for quite a while but my head's finally back to itself! Apologies if my writing is a bit off, it's tough getting back into the swing of things and I'm not 100% myself - just yet!

I know this post is up horrendously late, in comparison to the other Irish gals who have blogged about it, but it needs to be done! The fabulous Aisling McDermott, from Ireland's biggest fashion blog, wrote her second best-selling book for all of us beauty addicts - Gorgeous To Go. The kind people over at Gill & Macmillan posted me out my copy, as I was unable to attend the launch in Brown Thomas, due to complications regarding my surgery. It was quite a treat to receive this package of loveliness through my post box, I must say.. so a thousand thank yous!
Gorgeous To Go is a must-have for any savvy beauty nerd, it's a must for anyone who adores makeup but is conscious of their spending and wants to know what's a hit, and what's a miss! It's jammers full of beauty tips, beauty product reviews, guides to duping, note-taking sections and there's tons of categories including; skincare, body and makeup. There's 214 pages full of words of wisdom, and Aisling is definitely one to trust when it comes to all things beauty!

Gorgeous To Go is a bargain at only €12.99, you can buy it online and at most bookshops nationwide.