What's In My Bag? (College Edition!)

I've been receiving a lot of questions this week, asking what kind of items I'm bringing to college with me! I decided to a do another 'What's In My Bag?' tag, but this time on my blog. (I recorded a video a few months ago, you can watch it here!) 
My bag is a large New Look bag that's almost a year old and is in a tatty condition, so I won't show it out of pure embarrassment! I'm currently on the hunt for another bag that will fit all of my folders and shizzle, so if you have seen any - let me know!
My bag always weighs a ton, and you can see why! I carry everything I believe I'll need for the day, aka. my room! Everything from folders, to stationary, to makeup to hair essentials.. it's all in there!
My River Island makeup bag: Essence Mattifying Powder (I always carry a cheap powder with me, as they always crack!), Clinique travel powder brush, Collection 2000 Concealer, MUFE foundation, M.A.C lipstick, L'Occitane handcream, Carmex lipbalm and wax for my braces.
Great hangbag essentials: Citrus scented hand sanitizer, travel deodrant, travel Batiste (gives instant volume to hair and soaks up any greasiness) and a body spray!
My Samsung Galaxy phone ( Gaga as my wallpaper) and my beloved 4 year old iTouch, that has been dropped 100+ times (The Clash as my wallpaper). I wouldn't be able to survive without my iPod, I would choose it over my phone any day - sorry Galaxy!
My gorgeous pencil case from Paperchase (I bought it 3 years ago, and it's still in perfect condition!). I only use blue Staedtler pens, I go through boxes of them a year. 2 Sharpies from American Apparel, a permanent marker pen, Tippex, a ruler, Barry M lipgloss in 'Toffee' and 2 highlighters!

What do you bring to college/school?