'Vanillary' Lush Gorilla Perfume - Review

Sugar and spice and all things nice...

I've been dying to try out some of the Lush Gorilla perfumes for ages now, and when the lovely Emmet from the Grafton St branch, asked if I wanted to review one - I jumped at the chance!
Emmet's a perfume expert and he asked me what other Lush products I like best and what scents I'm drawn to, to find the right scent for me! I told him I love Snow Fairy, Mrs.Whippy, Honey I Washed The Kids etc. My sweet tooth was evident! My favourite scent of all time is vanilla, so obviously 'Vanillary' stood out, and it subsequently won my heart after trying out a few of the others.
First of all, it is DELICIOUS! Not an uncommon adjective to describe a Lush product, but still.. yum! It smells like burnt caramel, sugar, vanilla pods, honey.. all things sweet and anyone who's a Snow Fairy junkie would love it
It's my favourite perfume at the mo, and I've been wearing it daily since I received it, to see if I'd get bored of the smell - I haven't! It's quite a strong scent at first, but it sinks into the skin and leaves a gorgeous sweet scent after a few minutes on the skin. I find myself smelling my wrists repeatedly throughout the day, as you get the sweet smell lingering all day.
Lush Gorilla perfumes are available as a spray or a solid, so there's something for everyone! The solid is ideal for people travel a lot or who just want to pop it in their handbag. The sprays are available in a slim bottle or a larger round bottle. I love my slim one personally, as it's so compact and fits perfectly into my makeup bag. The slim bottle is around €15, and the larger bottle is around €20. (The exact prices slip my mind, apologies!)
I'll definitely be re-purchasing this perfume again, as I think it may just be my signature scent! 

Have you ever tried a Lush Gorilla perfume? What's your favourite?