Up The Dubs! & Penneys (Primark) Haul

Yes, I am wearing a jersey! Haha. Wore quite casual makeup today, I used my new HD eyebrow palette from my glossy box! The darkest shade through my eyebrows and the medium brown smoked across the lid. I'm busy preparing for my Debs (same thing as a prom) tomorrow, and yes I will be posting a blog post AND video on what I'm wearing etc. My hairstyle trial was on Friday, and it went great. I got the ends of my hair trimmed also, as they were all dead and ew, so that's why my hair has become shorter!

Today it's the All Ireland GAA final, between Dublin and Kerry - I'm obviously supporting the good oul Dubs! I used to always go to the Dubs matches with my Dad when I was younger, and I still love watching them to this day. I may not like playing sports, or like watching many for that matter, but I do take a keen interest in GAA and rugby. (we totally kicked Australia's arse yesterday, didn't we?)
Hopefully we win and take the Sam home, it'd be an amazing way to end the weekend! The last time we won the All Ireland was in 1995, so it'd be extra special.

Good luck to the boys in the blue!

Update: CONGRATS ON THE WIN LADS, the Sam is home! Brilliant match!

I went into Penneys this morning to pick up a few bits n bobs for the Debs and just a few things en general. I tweeted about it earlier, as I was just so impressed - they have AMAZING stock in at the mo! Ever since River Island took over, their collections have been so much more trendy and fashion-forward.
I picked up a cute 50s style bag, for tomorrow. It matches the colour of my dress (hint hint) and is a great size. It's a pity it's faux croc skin though, as I detest reptile print/look items but I think I can ignore it for the sake of a night!

Blue croc print bag - €9
Cute frilled ankle socks - €2 and Boot socks - €2.50
Black bobbins - €1.50, Eye makeup remover wipes (2 pack) - €1.50, Face wipes (2 pack) - €1.50, Floral passport case - €2, Black bobby pins - €1.50, Angelica glitter nail polish - €2.79 and Essence nail polish remover - €1.29.