Review - Garnier BB Cream

I'm sure most of you have heard of the miracle BB creams, that are extremely popular over in Asia. These creams promise to serve as an 'all in one' cream - to fight wrinkles, tone down redness, offer you an SPF and to also give you coverage. When Garnier released their first ever BB cream in Europe, us beauty nerds went a bit crazy! 
My Aunty picked me up my own tube of it last week, as an exam results present. I was so excited to try it out, as I don't want to be wearing foundation daily for college (and work, if I get a job!). 
My skin is not in the best condition lately, for the last few months it's been getting quite irritated. I've been getting a few random blemishes on my face, quite an oily T-zone and some dry patches on my nose. I've been trying out various skincare routines and remedies, and I'll hopefully be posting my routine up soon for you guys! 
First of all, the BB cream comes in 2 shades - Light and Medium (Why is there no dark?!), and most pharmacies will be selling it right now. The packaging of the BB cream is nice and compact, you get 50ml of product, which I think is great seeing as it retails for around €10-12. 
Now, for the colour of the cream - I'm the palest of pales, and my skin is practically milk-bottle white. I am the definition of pale Irish hide, so I was quite curious to test out the 'Light' shade. Unfortunately, it's one shade too dark for me and a bit on the yellow side. I get frustrated when 'Light' or 'Pale' shades are sold in Ireland, yet they're never as pale as our fair skin! The colour difference between my neck and face when I wear this is quite obvious, and as I have yellow-toned skin anyway, I end up looking like a Simspon! That being said, if you pat on some light-coloured powder over it you can tone down the colour. It's also coming up to Winter time, so I'll be wearing scarves throughout and the colour difference won't be that important to me.
Blended in and a dollop on my skin. As you can it's just a tad bit too dark for my skin tone.
  • Minimises my pores: I have quite open pores around the sides of my nose and this cream minimised them tremendously - it made them disappear! 
  • Good coverage: This cream doesn't claim to be makeup, it's skincare - a tinted moisturiser but with more beneficiaries! The coverage is better than I expected and I only need a bit of concealer to cover up prominent blemishes and dark circles under my eyes.
  • SPF 15: I believe any moisturising product for the face should have SPF, regardless of price. As you all know, I love my Lush moisturisers but they don't come with an SPF so it irritates me greatly when I wear it. I like knowing my face is protected when I'm outdoors, so an SPF of 15 works fine with me but I would prefer something higher - 30+.
  • The cream blends well into the skin and it isn't too thick. It dries quite quickly.
  • Tones down the redness on my cheeks fairly well.

  • The 'Light' shade not being light enough, very disappointed!
  • The scent is quite heavy at first, I don't mind it but I know others will.
  • I wish it had a higher SPF, like the Asian BB creams that offer up to 50+.
  • As I've quite oily skin, this moisturiser makes my skin look even shiner so I'd definitely team it up with mattifying powder.

Overall, I think this is a great product considering it's Europe's first drugstore BB cream. It will work on most skin types, but if you're oily like me, do team it up with mattifying products. Blemishes and dark circles can be easily covered up with a dab of concealer, but make sure it's the same shade as the cream!  
As college goes on, I'll probably get lazier and lazier with my makeup each morning so I definitely see myself wearing this. I'm excited to see what other brands will come up with and hopefully an even paler shade will be on offer to us ghosts!

Have you tried the Garnier BB cream, what do you think?