Mini Penneys (Primark) & Fashion Book Haul

I couldn't have been more excited when I received my college booklist! Every book was fashion-related and sounded brilliant, but the prices were enough to put anyone off. I logged on to Amazon however, and bought all 3 of them for half of the price they would be in a shop here - delira! I've flicked through them all, and they look sososo interesting and I'm dying to start reading them.
In total the books cost me around €40, amazing!
I popped into a Penneys near to my college yesterday to see if I could snap up any bargains. I spent €28 in total, and left with 4 gorgeous items, so I'm quite pleased! As I've previously mentioned, Penneys have seriously stepped up their game over the last few months and their current stock is super trendy and gorgeous!
Polka-dot sleeveless shirt - €10
Cropped turquoise jumper - €12
Black gold buckled belt - €3
A Winter must-have! Cosy socks - 3 pack for €3