M.A.C Prep + Prime - Review

I've been on the lookout for a good primer recently, as my Gosh Velvet Touch has just run out! I was willing to pay €20-35 for one, which contained a high SPF and did its job well. I was delighted to pick up this M.A.C 'Prep + Prime' primer for €29, and it came with a high SPF of 50. You get 30ml of product in it, which is the same amount as a foundation so I found it quite reasonable.
I've been wearing it for 2 weeks now, and I absolutely love it! It completely minimises my pores around my T-zone and it fills in fine lines really well. My skin feels hydrated with it on, and my foundation looks more healthy and natural on my skin with the primer under it. The primer itself comes out of the tube white, but it turns transparent as you blend it into your face. You only need 2 pea-sized blobs on your hand, as a little goes a long way.
The packaging is nice and compact, the glitter on the box also stood out to me - anything shiny, I'll have!
There's nothing else to really say about the primer, other than it's fantastic! I'll definitely buy this again, and I recommend it to anyone. I prefer it to my Gosh one definitely, as the high SPF is a big plus - it's reassuring to know my skin is being looked after under all of my makeup!


  1. Yes I adore prep + prime, makes such a difference!

  2. Hi there,
    I've been reading your blog for the past couple of weeks now and I just wanted to congratulate you. It's well-thought out, well-researched and always interesting! From some of your past posts, I understand you've had some trouble with online abuse, and it's great to see you carry on with head held high.
    Also, can I just say, I'm LOVING your look! It's truly wonderful to see teenagers with such unique style and full confidence in their looks out there (and I don't mean teenagers in a patronizing sense!) So, again, congrats. I look forward to many more insightful and creative posts!
    PS Cheers for the Garnier BB Cream review! I, too, saw it advertised everywhere and was unsure of whether to go for it or not; I bit the bullet and bought it. Am fairly happy with it. Totally agree about the lightest shade being way too dark for Irish skins!

    Follow my blog Damsel in Disgrace (if you like!) at

  3. I have hear such awesome things about prep+prime but i am so worried about spending that much on a primer if i don't get on with it...although that been said your review has made my mind up for me....i have to buy it!
    I thank you for it, my bank balance doesn't :P xx


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