Huge ELF Cosmetics Haul!

Around 2 weeks ago, Elf cosmetics had their last ever 50% off sale on their UK site. I obviously jumped at the chance to snap up some bargains, and I'm quite delighted with what I picked out! I bought €60 worth of makeup, but of course it only cost me €30 - aaamazing!
I've used Elf makeup before, so I knew what to expect and I was excited to try out a ton of new products. Along with the makeup, I bought 2 large brush holders - 1 for brushes, 1 for my eyeliners, mascaras etc. Elf's tools section is absolutely fantastic, they have everything! If you're a makeup artist and you're looking for mascara wands, sponges etc, check out the tools section asap - everything is so cheap and cheerful!
I was happy with all of my purchases, apart from my Spotlight 'All Over Colour' stick, as it was broken and the 2 'Brightening Eye Colour' palettes had very poor payoff with their eyeshadows. Beggers can't be choosers, I guess..
2 large brush holders
They fit everything into them! Brushes, mascaras, eyeliners, lipliners..
2 lipsticks; Dark red - 'Posh', Nude pink - 'Classy'
Swatches of the lipsticks - gorgeous colours, moisturising and they taste like berry.. mmm!
Lash & Brow Gel, Eyeshadow Primer & Conditioning lipbalm - Vanilla Créme 
Natural Radiance Blusher - 'Coy'
Clarifying Pressed Powder - 'Ivory' 
2 All Over Colour sticks - Pink: Pink Lemonade, Highlight: Spotlight (mine was broken when I opened it unfortunately, the packaging is loose and the actual product began falling out of it - devastated!)
Pink Lemonade & Spotlight 
White Eye Brightener pencil (this is my second one, my first one is nearly gone - it's AMAZING!) & Shimmer Eyeliner pencil - Twinkle Teal 
Twinkle Teal & Eye Brightener
2 Brightening Eye Colour palettes; 'Teal Dream' & 'Butternut'
Teal Dream swatches - horrendous eyeshadows, feck all colour pay-off! 
Butternut swatches - Also weak colour pay-off, quite disappointed! 

I bought the 'Beauty Encyclopedia Sparkle Eyes' palette for a GIVEAWAY! 
When I reach 1,000 followers I'll be giving a ton of bits'n'bobs away - follow my blog on the right-hand side with Google Friend Connect or your Twitter account!

What's your favourite Elf product?


  1. Wow, those eyeshadows are terrible!x

  2. love that twinkle teal eyebrightener, gorgeous colour! xx


  3. Pink lemonade looks lovvvely. Shame about the eyeshadows... x

  4. Whats so weird is I have that butternut eye quad and it's crazy pigmented! You have to tap loads off before you use it in fact

  5. I've been looking for decently priced make up storage for a while - the Elf holders look perfect!

  6. Twinkle Teal looks amazing! Love a deep aqua green liner! Shame bout the eye palettes though!


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