Huge ELF Cosmetics Haul!

Around 2 weeks ago, Elf cosmetics had their last ever 50% off sale on their UK site. I obviously jumped at the chance to snap up some bargains, and I'm quite delighted with what I picked out! I bought €60 worth of makeup, but of course it only cost me €30 - aaamazing!
I've used Elf makeup before, so I knew what to expect and I was excited to try out a ton of new products. Along with the makeup, I bought 2 large brush holders - 1 for brushes, 1 for my eyeliners, mascaras etc. Elf's tools section is absolutely fantastic, they have everything! If you're a makeup artist and you're looking for mascara wands, sponges etc, check out the tools section asap - everything is so cheap and cheerful!
I was happy with all of my purchases, apart from my Spotlight 'All Over Colour' stick, as it was broken and the 2 'Brightening Eye Colour' palettes had very poor payoff with their eyeshadows. Beggers can't be choosers, I guess..
2 large brush holders
They fit everything into them! Brushes, mascaras, eyeliners, lipliners..
2 lipsticks; Dark red - 'Posh', Nude pink - 'Classy'
Swatches of the lipsticks - gorgeous colours, moisturising and they taste like berry.. mmm!
Lash & Brow Gel, Eyeshadow Primer & Conditioning lipbalm - Vanilla Créme 
Natural Radiance Blusher - 'Coy'
Clarifying Pressed Powder - 'Ivory' 
2 All Over Colour sticks - Pink: Pink Lemonade, Highlight: Spotlight (mine was broken when I opened it unfortunately, the packaging is loose and the actual product began falling out of it - devastated!)
Pink Lemonade & Spotlight 
White Eye Brightener pencil (this is my second one, my first one is nearly gone - it's AMAZING!) & Shimmer Eyeliner pencil - Twinkle Teal 
Twinkle Teal & Eye Brightener
2 Brightening Eye Colour palettes; 'Teal Dream' & 'Butternut'
Teal Dream swatches - horrendous eyeshadows, feck all colour pay-off! 
Butternut swatches - Also weak colour pay-off, quite disappointed! 

I bought the 'Beauty Encyclopedia Sparkle Eyes' palette for a GIVEAWAY! 
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What's your favourite Elf product?