Get The Look: Alice Dellal & Pixie Geldof

The ultimate grunge girls, Alice Dellal and Pixie Geldof are two best friends with bundles of edgy style! These are the kind of "celebs" I look to for fashion inspiration, not Kim Kardashian or whoever. These girls have raw, unique and original styles, they're not afraid to mix it up and they always step outside of the box. They're not everyone's cup of tea, but they sure are mine!
Their looks combine vintage, grunge, punk and biker all into the one ultra British rock-chick style, and it's quite easy to achieve! The trick is to know how to layer, how to DIY and how to not care what people think - you need the attitude to pull off this look, and if you're confident wearing the clothes - then you'll instantly look great!
Alice and Pixie's staple items are a leather jacket, cut-off denim shorts, flannel shirts and oversized band tees. Layering pieces over one another, clashing colours, mixing up different textures.. they're all musts for looking like you "didn't make an effort and just threw on whatever was on your bedroom floor."
Leather, lace and denim are all key materials to look out for, scour vintage shops for jeans you can cut and tear up and pick up some studs on Ebay for adding an instant edge also to your outfits and accessories.
When it comes to jewellery, cross pendants are still huge right now so you'll find most high-street stores will stock them in their jewellery sections (Urban Outfitters and Topshop would be your best bets!). Stack up rings and bracelets, get out your Dad's old tatty leather belt and (if you win the Lotto) buy a McQueen skull scarf to complete the look.
Invest in a pair of trust Doc Martens (the loves of my life), and they'll go with everything and anything. They last a lifetime and are the comfiest shoe in existence! If you're into Creeper shoes that are also huge at the mo, look our for a cheap pair on Ebay and customise them so they stand out more!
Buy some black sheer tights or a pair of fish-nets to wear under your battered shorts finally, knot up your flannel shirt at the ends, throw on your leather jacket and you're good to go!
Key Pieces: A fabulous body con dress with netting and see-through areas. A pair of battered denim shorts, with a leather belt. A bold printed dress that you can dress up or dress down.