I'm going to be completely honest with you all, over the past few weeks I've lost complete interest in youtubing and blogging. I've been stuck in some sort of rut in July, where I've lost interest in everything and anything. I've become bored of myself, my interests, my peers, my social life. I'm just plain and simple, bored.
I've come up with so many plans for this blog and my youtube channel, and none of them have really come into full force yet. I didn't feel ready to put any of my ideas into action yet, as I'm just not happy with 'me' at this very moment. My confidence has plummeted dreadfully over the last year, due to a mixture of things and I've just become sick of it. I want to get that confidence back. I'm not saying I want to dramatically change, but I've just lost interest in myself. That loss of interest has spread through to this blog and my youtube, and through to everything and I'm stuck at some sort of a dead end. 
I'm determined to change that, I want a 'Woodfull Renaissance'. I'm ready to express myself more and be more creative with myself. I'm talking about everything to do with me - the way I dress, the way I blog/youtube, where I go.. I believe I'm capable of much more!
The college knock-back in March, really messed things up for me. It really halted my creative drive and made me doubt myself and doubt my passions in life. It's taken me a good 5 months to realise that everything happens for a reason and that I am capable of achieving my dreams.
I don't know whether it's the sound of the rain outside or the boredom of being sick, that spruces up new enthusiasm within me. Every so often I get this spontaneous feeling of rejuvenation and it always occurs when I'm housebound. Currently, I'm dying of strep throat and every other flu symptom in existence. It's absolutely lashing rain outside, and I just laugh repeatedly at Ireland's ''Summer''.  I'm sitting here in my old dressing-gown, sipping Lemsip, and thinking of the 'new' me. I want to delete every inch of negativity that surrounds me once and for all and just concentrate on the good. I want to fully express myself and my creativity more, I want to hold on to my true friends and meet some new ones, and I also want to just have fun.
Expect Thunder + Threads to become something new, something different. I can't put a date as to when this 'change' will happen, but it will. It will take time for me to give it all a go, and I know you all will be delighted to hear it. As I've previously stated, I'm not talking about some huge change, I won't be wearing fake tan anytime soon..
Anyways, thanks to everyone who's supported me over the past 2 years (yes, this blog is 2 years old!). To anyone who reads this, watches my videos, follows me on Twitter.. whatever! Thanks to everyone, xo