Glossy Box - August 2011

I'm sure all of you beauty nerds have heard of the UK's beloved Glossy Box? Over the past few months, I've watched youtube videos and read blog posts, of British beauty junkie's raving over the new Glossy Boxes! Until now, they weren't available to Ireland - but that has changed (insert 'YAY!' here!)
If you're unfamiliar with the Glossy Boxes, they're basically a box full of 5 luxury beauty goodies that you receive each month. You subscribe to the Glossy Boxes, through their website for only £10 a month! The Glossy Box includes your products, information and instructions and also gorgeous packaging! What's not to love?!
I received my Glossy Box this morning, and all of my opinions here are my first impressions. You all know I like to wait a while before I review products fully, so if there's anything you'd like me to review in more detail in the future - let me know!
I'm a total packaging nerd as well, if I say so myself. I 'ooh' and 'aah' over boxes, wrapping paper, gift bags, ribbons etc before I even get to the item inside! The actual Glossy Box is adorable! Pretty and pink, and perfect for storage (it's an ideal size to store nail polishes!) The products inside were wrapped up in tissue paper, with a ribbon and it just looked oh-so fancy and chic! Along with my Glossy Box, I received a lovely letter from the Glossy Box team. Let's just say, it was a fabulous way to start my day - unintentional rhyming ftw!
This month's theme was 'Wash and Glow!', all of the basics you need for beauty to look your best! Think no make-up, low maintenance Parisian women - gorgeous!
My Glossy Box contents - how exciting!
A full list of the products and information was included!
Rebel Nails - Nail Wraps:
I've been dying to try nail wraps for ages now, so I was delighted to see these! Surprisingly enough, these ones are for your toes - something I have not heard of before! I love the design on the wraps and I'll be using them soon for sure!
 Daniel Sandler - JUMBO JET Mascara:
You all know I'm a mascara fiend, I want to own each and every one in existence and I love trying out new ones, so of course I was over the moon to see this. I love the mascara brush, it's big and thick. I tried it out once I got it (excuse the creepy pics below!) and it made my eyelashes more volumised and black at once, as you can see! Deee-lighted with this product. It's also a brand name I've never heard of before, so I'll definitely be looking Daniel Sandler up!
Before and after the mascara!
KMS Calinfornia - Colovitality Shine & Shield:
This is my favourite product from my Glossy Box, this smoothing creme is just delish! I used it straight away on my tower-dried hair and it smoothed it out immediately and made it smell yummy! It includes UV protection, fights frizz and provides heat protection, so it cares for your hair all over! It's a great all-in-one product, and the 150ml bottle is absolutely fantastic to receive!
Murad - Time Release Blemish Cleanser:
I'm really excited to use this cleanser, as it's extra-gentle on the skin and it has been proven to reduce blemishes. I love the smell of it and the sample size I received is very generous!
AHAVA - Mineral Body Lotion:
I'm really delighted about this body lotion, it smells like heaven and absorbs super fast into my skin! I'm really loving the size of the bottle the most though (40ml), it's handbag friendly and I'll be popping this in mine and using it as a hand lotion for sure! 

 Overall, I just adore the Glossy Boxes! The whole concept is so clever and to try one myself was brilliant! I loved my Glossy Box so much, that I'm planning on subscribing this weekend! They're such a bargain at only £10, and it's brilliant being able to try not so well-known brands that are out there. All of the products in this month's box, were gorgeous and I'm delighted with each of them!

To subscribe to next month's Glossy Box, click here!

Have you tried a Glossy Box, what did you think?